One-On-One Attention

Please note: in order to protect both you and I from the spread of the coronavirus, I am currently only working with clients in a virtual format and not seeing clients in-person.

The main principle I espouse when I work with clients is this: You have the answers. I help you find them. I think of myself as your Personal Wisdom Excavator. Yes, I offer teachings, tools and perspective, yet I will always honor what is true for you...something I call your inner authority.


Working one-on-one with me is an opportunity to go deep and create profound, lasting transformation. Depending on the option and where you live, we could normally work together in person, on the phone, or video chat. For now I am only conduction sessions virtually through Zoom.

"I have had so many breakthroughs and positive changes working with Stephanie! That first visit did more for me than two years with a therapist!!! I am now more in tune with my body and understand how feelings are a tool for manifesting all my dreams. It has started a transforming healing process and I will forever be grateful to her and her work."

- Misty L., Pharmacist

Whether you’re feeling stuck in your life, or stuck in old patterns, or just need to move forward with clarity in a way that’s aligned with your higher purpose, I can be here as your guide and coach.


As a lifelong empath, I’ve been in the ‘banging my head and cussing at god’ phase (more than once)! You don't have to do it alone. As your inner landscape tour guide, I can shine a light on the dark corners and help illuminate the path that is calling to you.

FREE! Step into your cosmic mission and embrace your empathic gifts with this interactive initiation manual! Join the tribe of evolutionary empaths!


Based on your specific needs, there are a variety of ways we can work together. I specialize in…

Facilitating personal transformation through Shamanic Spiritual Healing & Coaching packages


So many empaths and sensitive souls are awakening to their sensitivities and seeking guidance and support. My individual client focus is on supporting empaths to help them achieve their next level of thriving, wholeness, and fulfillment.


Deeper healing to release stuck energy and receive guidance from your higher Self with Shamanic BreathworkCURRENTLY SUSPENDED

This is a concentrated experience designed to move a lot of energy quickly. Together, we will create a safe space for you to break through your inner obstacles through shamanic breathwork. Fair warning: This can be intense, emotive and even very physical (I’ve seen and heard it all), but the way your transformation manifests is entirely up to you. What happens on the other side is nothing short of life altering. Clarity. Healing. Deep releasing of old wounds. Repatterning beliefs and behaviors at a cellular level. (Note: this work is done in person.)


Other ways we can work together one-on-one

I am an ordained minister through the International Assembly of Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards and an ordained shamanic minister through Venus Rising Association for Transformation. If you would like to hire me to perform a wedding or rite of passage, I am happy to tailor the ceremony to your needs.


Cleansing your home energetically is just as important as tending to physical cleanliness. I do clearings on homes, offices, properties, land whatever space you need. Everyone should feel confident that they live and work in a space that is harmonious and supportive. If boundaries are a relevant factor (such as sharing a wall in a townhome or cubicle at work), I have special methods for establishing a loving container that keeps your energies in and others' energies out. And, I do distance clearing!


I am available to speak on a wide range of spiritual and energy related subjects. 

Not finding what you need? Have you checked my Group Programs and Workshops Page?

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