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A 12-Episode Podcast Series
Hosted by Sacred Stories Media

What if empaths were here for a reason?


If you consider yourself a highly sensitive person, or empath, this series will help you understand your cosmic mission, your place in the bigger picture, and your essential role as way-shower for the next step in human evolution. Learn why we are here to usher heart-centered consciousness onto the planet and how to relate to our empathic gifts as assets instead of liabilities.


In addition to the higher level viewpoint, you’ll receive loads of tools, practices, perspectives and mindsets to help you thrive in your everyday life, including a weekly self-care tip.

  • Discover how to prevent energy leaks and why we are destined to live from the unhealthy aspects of our empathic qualities during the unconscious years.

  • Learn to apply solid boundaries, daily energy hygiene practices, and radical self-care so you can reclaim your authentic self and live from your sovereign center.

  • Explore the masculine and feminine archetypal qualities and learn to call upon them in conscious equal partnership to live a more harmonious and fulfilling life.

Podcasts are hosted on Sacred Stories Media's website, so be sure to click on the links below to listen.

Check out what people are saying about the podcasts:

"THANK YOU so much for passing on Stephanie Red Feather's podcast link. I listened to one of [them] last night and there is a lot more information that she offers and...I will get her book. I did like and relate to what she was saying ... explaining ... and she was easy to understand and also has a very nice voice. She has so much information..."

"I just had the pleasure of listening to your podcast on BizCatalyst and wanted to message you personally - there was so much synchronicity to what just went on for me this morning, it is incredible and of course to hear your words reinforced was exactly what I asked to be presented for me. ... It was a 20 minutes of valuable content and I am grateful for your efforts to expound on the unconscious empath, sensitive souls, and the bigger mission for us all."

"Just finished listening to your latest podcast (It’s your time).  It was a very engaging experience. Excellent job, it feels like you’re speaking to the listener directly. And I love your sense of humor! Cool guided meditation too! Can’t wait until next week when the topic will be about managing ones energetic container."

Episode One


In this episode, I will:

  • Identify the simple definition of an empath

  • Explain 6 common patterns we experience as unconscious empaths including difficulty with boundaries, taking on everyone else’s problems and emotions, and losing ourselves in relationship

  • Reveal what it means to be an evolutionary empath, and why that distinction is critical

  • Walk you through a powerful yet simple breathing exercise for your self-care tip of the week

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Episode Two


In this episode, I will:

  • Go into greater detail on the definition of an empath, highlighting the 5 key qualities

  • Explain how these 5 qualities range in expression

  • Relate the 6 common patterns we experience as unconscious empaths (from last week) to these 5 key qualities and provide context for why we tend to live from the unhealthy aspects of these qualities in our early years

  • Offer a key self-care activity that will make you want to get “down and dirty”

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Episode Three


In this episode, I will:

  • Provide a context as to why empaths are an anomaly in Western Medicine, Western Psychology and Western Culture

  • Delineate masculine and feminine archetypal qualities to help you understand why our empathic traits are devalued in a highly patriarchal society

  • Explain ascension symptoms and how they can confound traditional doctors, including personal experiences

  • Give you a delightful self-care activity that’s especially nummy as the weather turns colder

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Episode Four


In this episode, I will:

  • Provide a context as to why empaths could not have survived even a hundred years ago and why it is finally “our” time

  • Illustrate how humanity is moving from 3rd chakra consciousness to 4th chakra (heart-centered) consciousness and what that means

  • Guide you through a short meditation to connect with your heart and experience heart-centered consciousness

  • Offer an “oldie but goodie” energy clearing practice that’s very effective for clearing out dense and disharmonious energies and inviting in supportive and high-vibrational frequencies

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Episode Five


In this episode, I will:

  • Explain what your energy container is and how your interactions with the world affect it

  • Share four important concepts to understand about your energy container so you can engage with and care for it as a conscious, living entity

  • Offer two practices for stabilizing and maintaining the integrity of your energy container

  • Invite you to experiment with a more “active” self-care practice

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Episode Six


In this episode, I will:

  • Provide an essential perspective to help empaths understand the need for drawing boundaries in the human dimension

  • Share three critical tools that should be in every empath’s boundary-drawing toolbox

  • Give practical examples of what it sounds like to say no and even say no after you say yes

  • Bathe you in some “sound bites” to encourage you to try this week’s self-care practice

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Episode Seven


In this episode, I will:

  • Explain how you can call upon the divine masculine blueprint to assist you in drawing boundaries and creating safety

  • Distinguish three key forms of the masculine energies and how to relate to them

  • Gift you with a bonus meditation from my book, entitled “Meditation to connect with your inner masculine”

  • Present a simple self-care tip to put this week’s content into action

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Connect with Inner MasculineStephanie Red Feather
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Episode Eight


In this episode, I will:

  • Explain how you can call upon the divine feminine to access self-care, self-love and self-acceptance

  • Distinguish three key forms of the feminine energies and how to relate to them

  • Illustrate the concept of the sacred marriage and why it is important for empaths to embrace

  • Encourage you to express your “softer side” in this week’s self-care tip

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Episode Nine


In this episode, I will:

  • Interview one of my mentor/teachers Linda Star Wolf, founder and director of Venus Rising Association for Transformation, Venus Rising University, and creator of Shamanic Breathwork

  • Explore Star Wolf’s experience with empaths in her career as a mental health and addictions therapist

  • Ask Star Wolf what it was like growing up as an empath and get her view on the cosmic purpose of empaths

  • Invite you to “flick an acorn” in this week’s self-care tip

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Episode Ten


In this episode, I will:

  • Explore the concept of embodiment and its relationship to presence

  • Distinguish why “transcendent” spiritual practices are only half the story

  • Explain what spiritual bypass is and the dangers of being half-embodied

  • Walk you through a guided visualization to re-set your energetic center of gravity

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Episode Eleven


In this episode, I will:

  • Explain why it’s critical for empaths to reclaim their own identity

  • Present three exercises for getting to know who you are and reestablishing your sense of self

  • Provide four practices for staying centered in your own sovereign throne

  • Give you a self-care tip you can do in your pajamas

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Episode Twelve


In this episode, I will:

  • Illustrate how we have grown beyond the concept of “service equals sacrifice” and offer a new paradigm of service that benefits everyone

  • Explore the archetype of the servant/slave to identify how you can update your personal expression of service and reclaim your power of choice

  • Illuminate how to embrace your cosmic mission by being who you are, where you are

  • Challenge you to keep “going to the well” for your self-care practice

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