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Shamanic Breathwork

for Healing, Deep Releasing, Re-patterning,

Clarity and Moving Stuck Energy

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“While intense, shamanic breathwork acted as a vehicle in which I safely addressed some of the deep traumas I experienced as a child.
My vision brought me to a healing space that I had never been to — it was a space which I had not been able to fully access via other forms of therapy. When it was over, I was left with a deep sense of abiding peace and equanimity, which stayed with me for several days, as my body processed and integrated everything that happened in the SBW experience.”

~ Walker, Hospice Worker


The foundation of Shamanic Breathwork is to create a sacred safe space for you to touch your tenderest hurts and your deepest traumas, so you can move forward into a place of healing and self-love.


Why try Shamanic Breathwork (SBW)?


SBW can help you access your own innate wisdom and inner guidance in a way many other therapies can’t come close to.


Using a specific breathing technique, chakra-attuned music, art and energetic bodywork, shamanic breathwork allows you to access a naturally induced altered state of consciousness from which your inner wisdom can lead you to the experiences you need to have for your own growth and healing.


SBW can help when you’re…


  • Blocked by anxiety, stress, fear, anger, addictions, limiting beliefs and old patterns from this life or past lives

  • Living in a way that doesn’t align with your life’s purpose

  • Struggling with self-love & forgiveness

  • Needing clarity and an energetic push to make positive change

  • Desiring transformation in a specific area of your life

  • At a crossroad and seeking soul guidance and direction

What can you expect after a session?


An Integration Period: What you experience afterwards depends on what occurred for you during your breathwork! This is an accelerated process and so much can occur in a short period of time. Most people experience a period of integration (from a few hours to a few weeks) that can include a variety of experiences, which we'll discuss in the after-care part of the in-person session.

Enduring Transformation/Reclaimed Life Force: One key result for many people who experience SBW (and which affects every area of your life!) is a reclamation of life force energy. No matter where your SBW journey takes you, the process allows you to access and use your full life force energy, and bring that energy to every area of your life.


Stuck energy creates feelings of lethargy, depression, inertia, confusion and lack of motivation. When you're able to move that stagnant, dense energy, then your life force channels are kept clear and flowing a key to feeling vital, inspired and passionate. And definitely essential for transformation to endure.

I recommend SBW as a regular practice to keep vital life force energy flowing.

Need to move some energy? Come out and BREATHE my friend, and see what magic and breakthroughs await you.

“I have had two Shamanic Breathwork sessions with Stephanie and both have been life changing. With Stephanie's guidance, insights, ideas and just her Being, from those two sessions alone I've been able to free myself from years of built up garbage and junk since birth that no longer serves me.

Stephanie has done her own personal work, is constantly learning, growing and graciously shares with others who are on their own path of discovery and healing. Stephanie is truly spiritually grounded in every aspect of her life, very intuitive, insightful, a tremendous source of knowledge and an amazing facilitator! I am lighter and more focused in every area of my life after our two sessions together.”

~ Steven Allred


Shamanic Breathwork Packages


Private Shamanic Breathwork sessions are conducted in my home, each session lasting 2 1/2 - 3 hours from start to finish. During a private session, you are the only one breathing, and I, as the facilitator, am tending to you the entire time.


Many people find it helpful to include a healing/coaching session after their breathwork experience to explore and integrate what happened for them. In addition to a stand-alone Shamanic Breathwork session, I offer a package  which include private Shamanic Breathwork plus one integration session.

After you purchase your package, I will contact you to schedule the day and time for your private Shamanic Breathwork sessions. Depending upon my client load and other commitments, please expect a one to three week delay before we can get your first appointment scheduled.

Choose Your Session Package

SBW + one 60-min integration session:


SBW single session (no follow-up):


Community Breathwork with Co-Journeyers


Community SBW allows multiple people to breathe at the same time and is typically a day-long event. Group members are paired into twos and each pair determines who will breathe first. The non-breathing partner, called the co-journeyer, takes on the role of immediate facilitator to hold space and takes care of your physical needs. I walk the floor and assist each person for a brief time while maintaining energetic awareness of the group.


Once the first SBW session concludes and the breather has completed their art piece, we break for lunch. After lunch, the partners switch and the breather becomes the co-journeyer. After both sessions conclude, we move into a group processing where each person shares their experience and their mandala (art piece).


To request a group SBW experience, or to check if you can join one already scheduled, contact me.


Shamanic Breathwork FAQ

  1. What might I experience during a Shamanic Breathwork (SBW) session?

  2. Is Shamanic Breathwork safe?

  3. What is the role of the facilitator?

  4. How do the mechanics of a SBW session work?

  5. Who created Shamanic Breathwork?

1. What might I experience during a Shamanic Breathwork session?


There is no limit to what might occur for you during a session, but I can give you some common experiences that I have seen or experienced myself.


We store a lot of pain, trauma and pent up emotions in our bodies, which means that a session can be very physical for a person. They might squirm around on their pallet, be on their hands and knees, on their knees or even on their feet dancing or moving their body. The body has its own intelligence and knows what it needs to do to purge itself of stuck or unhealthy energy, if given the chance. If your body acts like it wants to move, allow yourself to move however you feel led. There is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. I will be there to help you stay safe.


You may also experience...


Emotional release

Some people release a lot of emotion grief, anger, rage and betrayal are common ones through yelling, screaming, cussing, beating on pillows and sobbing. All of these expressions are encouraged and absolutely allowed. If it looks like you want to beat your fists on something, I always have extra pillows available.


Past lives

It is not uncommon for people to go into past lives, reliving certain aspects as a necessary step in healing and releasing the influence of the past that is still trapped in their energy/body today. These past life visits also help people identify and understand patterns playing out in their current lives.



Rebirthing is also a common experience on the breathwork floor. There are common signs/clues a person will give when it looks like they are needing to rebirth and I as the facilitator will come over and offer some resistance for you to push against. If your body gives me birthing signs, then I will create a birth experience for you giving you a birth canal to pass through and the physical experience of coming all the way through the birth canal into the "world."


Soul return

Journeying to retrieve a lost aspect of yourself (soul return) is a common occurrence for people. All of us have disowned or unloved parts of ourselves that were cast into the realm of shadow as we were growing up and learning what was acceptable and not acceptable. Often our greatest gifts and passions are buried deep in our psyche, and we are afraid to express these aspects of ourselves because of the messages we received as children. Reclaiming lost parts of ourselves is a hugely empowering experience available through SBW.


No two SBW sessions are ever the same and each time you breathe it is a new and different experience. You are encouraged to enter each SBW experience without an expectation of what will happen. You may absolutely set an intention of what you would like to work on or be given insight into. Your higher self will direct the session.

2. Is Shamanic Breathwork Safe?


Shamanic breathwork is safe for everyone, with a few exceptions.


Women who are pregnant are advised not to participate in SBW.


People who experience psychotic breaks or are on antipsychotic medications may not be a safe candidate for SBW. Further discussion with me would need to occur.


There is a release form I will ask you to complete and sign. If you have any physical or psychological conditions that you are unsure about, I encourage you to contact me and have a conversation to determine if it is safe for you to do Shamanic Breathwork.

3. What is the role of the facilitator?

Creating Safety: Before each session, you and I will make some agreements for the sake of clarity and safety, including permission for physical touch, establishing a safe word, discussing any physical ailments or concerns I need to be aware of, and inviting your ego to hand over the reins to your higher self.


Energetic Support: My job is to hold space for you and tune into your energetic needs while you are breathing. If I sense that energy might be getting stuck in your body, or feel that you need support in some way, I will assist by doing energy work and/or body work to help the energy move.


Physical Support: I am there to tend to your physical needs and keep you safe while you are breathing. If you need a tissue, drink of water or need to use the restroom, I am there to assist you. I am also there to ensure you don't run into anything else that might be around you or hurt your own self if you are moving very actively. When we are in an altered state, perceptions are not what they may seem during ordinary reality.


Emotional and Integration Support: My role is to support, encourage, honor and witness. I am responsible for creating a safe and loving container within which you can go as deep as necessary, express yourself without embarrassment or shame, and be honored for who you are and what comes up for you. I am also there to help you process and integrate your experience, and give you suggestions for after-care.

4. How do the mechanics of a SBW session work?

The person breathing, as we call it, would lay on a pallet on the floor. This pallet usually consists of a mat, sleeping bags or a couple of blankets so that the person can comfortably lie on the floor, including a pillow or two, a blanket and other items for safety and comfort. I will be next to you the entire time.


Most SBW sessions (meaning the length of the music) usually last between 60 and 75 minutes and take you through all seven chakras, starting with the first chakra. The music is purposefully loud for several reasons. One, the vibration of the music penetrates the body and helps to loosen and activate trapped energies. The volume also allows you to feel supported, surrender more deeply, and to encourage you to make noises, cry or scream as you feel lead.

Once the music set is complete after the seventh chakra, I will help you return to this current dimension, after which we will move into the next phase which is the first step of integration - art.


I will have a large piece of paper with a circle drawn in the middle (we call it a mandala) and a box of pastels or similar media. You will be given ample time to capture on paper any images, words, colors, shapes or any other significant aspect of your journey that you desire to express.

After you complete your mandala, you and I will then process your experience. You will be given the opportunity to share what happened during your SBW session as well as anything you wish to describe about your mandala. This processing allows further clarity, insight, substantiation and confirmation to emerge. Through the combination of art work and discussion, both the left and right brain experiences are expressed and begin to integrate.

5. Who created Shamanic Breathwork?


Shamanic Breathwork was created by one of my teachers, Linda Star Wolf. Star Wolf is the founder and director of Venus Rising Association for Transformation and the founder and President of Venus Rising University. She is a visionary teacher and shamanic guide, dedicated to helping others release dysfunctional patterns of all kinds and to radically transform their lives.


She created Shamanic Breathwork as a synthesis of her personal exploration and direct healing experiences with breathwork, shamanic wisdom, depth psychology and addictions recovery methods. She was adopted as a spiritual granddaughter by Seneca Wolf Clan elder Grandmother Twylah Nitsch, who gave her the name Star Wolf.

Shamanic Breathwork® is a registered trademark of Linda Star Wolf

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