After a year's hiatus to vision the next phase of my sacred work in the world and focus on the launch of my book, I am now happily accepting new clients again!

Healing & Coaching Packages

Designed for empaths and sensitive souls

Whatever you’re facing  I’m not afraid to go there with you.

As sensitive beings we are often misunderstood. We tend to feel things more intensely than others, and, if we don’t have the right tools, it is challenging for us to figure out where we end and the next person begins. This can make it even harder for us to do our inner work because we have to sort through what’s ours and what isn’t. As an empath myself, I offer you the tools, perspective, and kinesthetic experiences you need to help you find your truth, trust your heart, and embrace your cosmic purpose.

Who do I work with?

My clients are empaths, highly sensitive persons (HSP), and other sensitive souls who often tend to be healers, therapists, coaches or change agents themselves. I work with women and men who are at a spiritual crossroad, needing help to illuminate their blind spots, release pain, or gain clarity and direction. And who are ready to do their inner work.


People are often drawn to me because the paint-by-number approach of traditional counseling methods (whether it be psychiatry, the church, or modern medicine) has failed them. As empaths, we often walk in uncharted territory and many of my clients are left with unanswered questions, unexplained feelings, and unresolved issues - with a sense that there's an entire realm of reality left completely unexplored by these other methods. I know how that feels because I've experienced it myself first-hand.

What can I help you with?


If you are interested in working with me specifically on empath-related stuff, I got you!


Given the success of my #1 book The Evolutionary Empath, I am focusing on supporting sensitive souls as they work through the concepts, exercises and practices offered in the book in order to take their lives to the next level of thriving and fulfillment.


The only pre-requisite I ask before we work together is that you read my book. And just in case you're wondering, no - this isn't a ploy to sell more copies of the book.

As a teacher and coach, there's a central set of teachings that I find myself repeating in some fashion with each person I coach. Reading my book before we begin our work together establishes a foundation and common language so that we don't spend precious time on fundamentals. Instead, we can dive right in to the issues and concerns you've reached out for support on.

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'A True Medicine Woman'

"I started seeing Stephanie individually and Stephanie has an awesome gift and is very in tune with Spirit and the clients she works with. I spent over 5+ years in conventional therapy and barely scratched the surface. In the first 3 sessions, Stephanie allowed Spirit to work through her to empower me to empower myself to walk through some traumatic issues that I couldn't see and break through. I consider Stephanie to be a true medicine woman."

~ Shannon Lindsey


What different packages are available?


I have created three package options based on where you are in your empath journey. The package levels take into account elements such as your experience level, understanding of the concepts in the book, and proficiency with energy hygiene, boundaries, personal energy management, and self-care. No matter what level you’re at, the package length and price are the same. It’s the focus that will be different - and customized by you.

Level 1 Package

"I've read the book, but I have lots of questions and need help making changes and establishing new habits."

If being an empath is a new concept to you or you’ve recently discovered you’re an empath, this is probably where you want to start. During our time together we can go into more detail with certain concepts, habits and practices such as:

- Forming a regular self-care or energy hygiene practice

- Establishing boundaries, practicing saying no and asking for what you need

- Identifying unhealthy habits and behaviors

- Understanding and managing your personal energy field

- Instituting protection measures

- Identifying and remedying your energy leaks

- Creating tailored practices to fit your unique self and circumstances

Level 2 Package

"I've read the book and understand and practice much of what you share, but want further guidance and a deeper dive on a few subjects."

If you’ve known for a while that you’re an empath, already have some established energy hygiene and self-care practices, are familiar with the concept of energy, and are proficient with boundaries, you might be looking for:

- Refinement of some of your practices to maximize their effectiveness

- Focus on specific problem areas or blind spots

- A deeper look at your level of embodiment

- A desire to explore more esoteric aspects such as the morphic field of the empath, understanding the Great Year, or connecting more fully to your cosmic mission

- Deprogramming the patriarchy or detrimental religious influences

- Greater understanding of the masculine and feminine energies or a more intimate relationship with your personal inner masculine and feminine to cultivate your “inner sacred marriage”

- A way to apply your empathic gifts more fully in your life’s work or relationships


Level 3 Package

"I've read the book and understand and practice most of what you share. I'd like to focus on my sovereign identity and want to know what's next for me."

At this level, you’ve known you are an empath for some time and have a solid tool box of energy hygiene and energy management practices, a regular and robust self-care routine, adeptness at drawing boundaries, saying no, and asking for what you need, and full acceptance of your gifts and sensitivities.

You’re most likely looking for:

- What’s next for you as a thriving empath

- Any tweaks or refinements of trouble spots

- Advanced practices for managing your energy

- A litmus test to ensure you are living from your center and grounded in your own sense of self

- Reclaiming soul loss to experience more wholeness

- Steps to fully manifest your gifts and cosmic purpose

- Practices for standing in your full sovereignty

If you're unclear which package to go with, listen to your heart. We can always tailor it to your specific needs.

~ Lauren Van Mullem

Copywriter at

'In one hour, I RESOLVED that particular issue'

"I've never worked with a shaman before Stephanie and had no idea what to expect. But I've been wanting to tackle some big, scary, emotion-filled roadblocks in my life and finally get to the roots of them. I'm familiar with traditional psychology and have never been impressed by their timelines (seems like you can be in therapy for years and make very little progress), so I was curious to try something different, but was skeptical too. Open minded, but skeptical. In our first session, Stephanie had me dive right into one of the gnarly stories that has been weighing me down. It was hard. Emotionally strenuous. But - in one hour, I RESOLVED that particular issue of feeling responsible for a burden that was not mine. She helped me let it go. And honestly, I thought it might sneak back in. Like maybe that weight on my heart was just taking a vacation and would come back refreshed and ready to torture me again. It didn't. It hasn't. That's amazing. In the past several months, I've become more aware of other painful burdens weighing me down that I've been shoving to the side, trying to ignore, but they act like a slow leak on my energy. One by one, we're tackling them. Working up to the biggest, scariest ones. It's not easy work. Stephanie pushes me to where I need to go, kindly, and with a tremendous amount of emotional support. And the breakthroughs I've been having are worth all of that hard work; I have more peace now, fewer energy drains caused by other people. Now I'm telling my friends 'hey, maybe you should see a shaman about that.'"

Package Structure, Details and Pricing

Each package includes:

  • 5 x 60-minute sessions conducted over 8 weeks (Given the current state with the coronavirus, all sessions will be conducted through Zoom for both your protection and mine. Skype or telephone are alternatives).

  • Unlimited assignments such as journaling questions, suggestions for ceremony or exercises to support the work we're doing.

  • Email/text-only support. This means you may contact me a couple times in between sessions if you have an experience you want to share or brief questions.

  • A response within 24-36 hours unless it is a weekend, holiday or if I have stated that I am on retreat or off the grid for a period of time. Then it could be 48 hours or more. To practice good self-care, I do not generally respond to texts, emails or phone calls between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m. CST.​

  • Bonus #1: The Art and Practice of Energetic Clearing video home study course (almost 3 hours of content!)

  • Bonus #2: Chakra Balancing and Embodiment guided meditation (a deep-dive clearing and restoring process)

What we do together in these sessions is informed by what you need, my experience and intuition, and our collective guides and spirit helpers. Modalities used may include talking, teachings, movement practices, ceremony, energy healing, shamanic techniques, voice dialogue coaching, guided journeys, assignments and more. All designed with your highest benefit in mind. 

Here's a sample schedule:

Week 1: Session 1

Week 2: Session 2

Week 3: Break

Week 4: Session 3

Week 5: Break

Week 6: Session 4

Week 7: Break

Week 8: Session 5

The investment for this 8-week focused support package (including 5 private sessions with me and two bonuses) is $625. 


I like to be upfront with my pricing so you know exactly what to expect and can determine the value for yourself. Remember, the price and structure are the same no matter which package you choose. Reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

If you know you're ready, just hit the green button below to start the process.

'Better Than A Year Of Therapy'

"My first session with Stephanie uncovered some core issues that I never would have discovered through self-exploration. Stephanie's work was more beneficial than a whole year of therapy."

~ Virginia Farney

Hospice Worker and Founder of The Passing Wisdom

Ready to take the first step?


Here's what to do

I generally have openings for 5 new clients each month. If you want to work with me, contact me as soon as possible and let me know which package you are interested in. It's that simple!


From there I will send you an initial questionnaire  to help us ensure we are a good fit for one another, and further instructions so you know what to expect.

I look forward to supporting you in your journey!

'One Of The Best Gifts I've Ever Given Myself'

"Stephanie's ability to communicate and listen in a honest and straightforward, yet nurturing and loving way, is amazing. After working with her I have been able to quiet my inner-child and negative self-talk and identify when I am letting those insecurities create chaos and blockages in my personal and professional relationships and successes. Using the tools and insight I gained from my sessions, I am able to more easily overcome these insecurities. And when a message or emotion arose that I wasn't ready to work through or couldn't verbalize or understand, her incredible patience and kindness came through to either help, encourage or let it be.

"Being an empathic person, going through life feeling everyone else's feelings and emotions creates many unique challenges. I have learned to more effectively interact with outside influences and other people in my life in a more constructive, productive and healthy way. Stephanie helped me to open my heart and dig deep into my own mind to be able to manifest more love, happiness and success in every area of my life. 

"Working with Stephanie is one of the best gifts I've ever given myself! Thank You Stephanie!!!"

~ Lorna Hooper

Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer

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