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Are you looking for personalized, dedicated spiritual support?

Whether you're in a major transition, awakening to new awarenesses, looking for skills to cope as a sensitive soul, or desiring to heal unresolved issues...

I'm here for you.

Give yourself the gift of one-on-one support...we are not meant to figure it all out by ourselves! Private coaching sessions are tailored to your needs.

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Private coaching is for the seeker who is tired of repeating unhealthy patterns and who is ready to get clarity and make lasting change. It is the most potent and direct way to work with me.

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Our one-on-one sessions will explore your Spiritual, Emotional, Energetic and Dharmic fields as they relate to the blockage or issue you are experiencing - what I call the S.E.E.D. system.

What we do together in these sessions is informed by the need that is most present in your heart and energy field as well as my experience and intuition, and of course our collective guides and spirit helpers.

Modalities used may include energy healing, ceremony, teachings, movement practices, shamanic techniques, voice dialogue, crystal medicine, oracle cards, shamanic astrology, guided journeys, shadow work, and more.

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'Changed The Trajectory of My Life'

"Stephanie came into my life through her book, The Evolutionary Empath, which changed the trajectory of my life. I was a tumult of emotions. For months, I completely revamped my lifestyle to include her suggested daily practices that focus on clearing my energy, drawing boundaries, and grounding myself.

I’ve always known I want to help people, but I knew I had to help and heal myself first before understanding my place in the grand picture, and I was at a roadblock. I needed guidance and an outside perspective. After five sessions, I can whole-heartedly say my growth has accelerated, and then some! Her book is my textbook, and her sessions were my school.


She taught me to connect with parts of myself I had no idea were affecting the way I think and do. She not only facilitated meet-and-greets with these inner parts of mine, but actually taught me how to connect with them, on my own! Stephanie is a wonderful healer, guide, teacher, and friend – her life is a gift to the masses. Thank you, Stephanie – because of you, I’m finding the clarity that I longed for.

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~ Maggie Rossler

Office Manager

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~ Lauren Van Mullem

Copywriter at

'In one hour, I RESOLVED that particular issue'

"I've never worked with a shaman before Stephanie and had no idea what to expect. I've been wanting to tackle some big, scary, emotion-filled roadblocks in my life. I'm familiar with traditional psychology and have never been impressed by their timelines.


In our first session, Stephanie had me dive right into one of the gnarly stories that has been weighing me down. It was emotionally strenuous. But - in one hour, I RESOLVED that particular issue of feeling responsible for a burden that was not mine. She helped me let it go. And honestly, I thought it might sneak back in. It didn't. It hasn't. That's amazing.


In the past several months, I've become more aware of other painful burdens weighing me down and acting like a slow leak on my energy. One by one, we're tackling them. Stephanie pushes me to where I need to go, kindly, and with a tremendous amount of emotional support. And the breakthroughs I've been having are worth all of that hard work. I have more peace now, fewer energy drains caused by other people. Now I'm telling my friends 'hey, maybe you should see a shaman about that.'"


As a teacher, priestess, minister, energy healer and star seed my deepest calling is to be of service to your growth and transformation.

The main principle I espouse when I work with people is this...


You have the answers. I help you find them.

It is a holy act to hold space for you as your mirror, confidant, sacred witness, mentor, and activator of remembering. For what is healing and transformation but remembering who you are?

Are you ready to invest in your transformation?

8-Week Eagle Soaring Package

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  • Tailored, focused resolution of your most pressing issue

  • Creates an immediate shift in your experience

  • 6 sessions over 8 weeks


4-Month Phoenix Rising Package

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  • Go deep to find the root of your issue & establish new habits, beliefs, & outlook

  • Dedicated support to create lasting transformation

  • 12 sessions over 4 months


3-Session Hummingbird Support Package

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  • You choose the pace

  • Perfect if you don't need regular (weekly or bi-weekly) support or just need occasional maintenance

  • Use your 3 sessions within 1 year


All coaching packages include:

  • Tailored assignments such as journaling questions, suggestions for ceremony or exercises to support the work we're doing. And of course, a thorough follow-up email after each session.

  • Dedicated space-holding. While we are working together, I will hold space for you on my mesa (Peruvian altar), calling in the energy of our higher selves and spiritual teams.

  • Oracle and stone helpers. At the beginning of each session I pull a card and select a stone helper (it selects me, really) to support you during our time together.

  • Email/text support. Ask questions or share an experience in between sessions.

  • A response within 24-48 hours unless it is a weekend, holiday or I am on retreat.

​* 8-week and 4-month premium packages contain additional support tools including Chakra Balancing & Embodiment Meditation, A Comprehensive Comparison of Masculine & Feminine Archetypal Qualities, and The Embodiment How-To Manual.

* In addition to the above bonuses, the 4-month premium package also includes a shamanic astrology life intent reading (valued at $311) and The Art & Practice of Energetic Clearing (video course).

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'I am beyond grateful that she has been sent into my life!'

Stephanie is an amazing counselor; kind, easy to relate to, a great listener & oh, so knowledgeable! In thinking about how I have changed since starting with her...I am not as disembodied as I used to be. I am now able to delve into those lower chakras; the messy & more difficult areas; not just stay in the easier upper chakras. This has allowed me to accept all of me, the good & the bad.

She has also taught me how to set up better boundaries; much improved from the wishy-washy ones I used to have. This is major! Stephanie gave me concrete, realistic examples I can use. I am a much happier person because of it! We also worked on me slowing down, living more in the present & enjoying Mother Nature. I had no idea how much beauty I was missing! I am much more grateful for what I have.


Finally, Stephanie helped me have insight into why I have acted the way I did sometimes, especially when it was not in a good way. This has enabled me to have no regrets, to no longer put myself down or have low self-esteem. This is the journey I am on with the guidance & insight of Stephanie. I am beyond grateful that she has been sent into my life!


                                                                                    ~  Jan Kampwerth

                                                                                             Retired & growing


Are we a good fit?

I know that working with a coach at this level is an important decision - one that requires care and consideration. That your heart led you here in the first place is usually an encouraging sign of resonance. But we also need to make sure you and I are a good fit.

Because I work with a limited number of private clients at any given time, we need to explore a few things to ensure alignment.

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If you have studied with me in one of my workshops or courses, the transition into private coaching is usually a smooth and simple one.

If you are new to working with me, we will need to have a conversation to determine whether coaching is the best place for you to start. 

If you're ready to take the first step towards private one-on-one coaching with me, please share a bit about you, what you are looking to shift, and why you believe that now is the time to start a coaching program. I'll review your answers and respond to you personally.


I look forward to hearing from you! 


Towards a mentorship

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'Better Than A Year Of Therapy'

"My first session with Stephanie uncovered some core issues that I never would have discovered through self-exploration. Stephanie's work was more beneficial than a whole year of therapy."

~ Virginia Farney

Hospice Worker and Founder of The Passing Wisdom


'A True Medicine Woman'

"I started seeing Stephanie individually and Stephanie has an awesome gift and is very in tune with Spirit and the clients she works with. I spent over 5+ years in conventional therapy and barely scratched the surface. In the first 3 sessions, Stephanie allowed Spirit to work through her to empower me to empower myself to walk through some traumatic issues that I couldn't see and break through. I consider Stephanie to be a true medicine woman."

~ Shannon Lindsey



'One Of The Best Gifts I've Ever Given Myself'

"Stephanie's ability to communicate and listen in a honest and straightforward, yet nurturing and loving way, is amazing. After working with her I have been able to quiet my inner child and negative self-talk and identify when I am letting those insecurities create chaos and blockages in my personal and professional relationships and successes. Using the tools and insight I gained from my sessions, I am able to more easily overcome these insecurities. And when a message or emotion arose that I wasn't ready to work through or couldn't verbalize or understand, her incredible patience and kindness came through to either help, encourage or let it be.

"Being an empathic person, going through life feeling everyone else's feelings and emotions creates many unique challenges. I have learned to more effectively interact with outside influences and other people in my life in a more constructive, productive and healthy way. Stephanie helped me to open my heart and dig deep into my own mind to be able to manifest more love, happiness and success in every area of my life. "Working with Stephanie is one of the best gifts I've ever given myself! Thank You Stephanie!!!"

~ Lorna Hooper

Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer

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