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Do you intuitively know that our universe holds way more than you were ever told and that you are here for a bigger purpose?

Welcome home to your soul, fellow empath.


Here there is no dogma and no preaching nobody is more of an expert than you on your relationship with the Divine. But I am here as a guide, a mentor, and an intuitive facilitator on your spiritual journey. And I have a pretty good idea that if you're an empath, then you have a broader cosmic mission that your soul (and you) chose.


Though not an official or traditional church, Blue Star Temple is a holy place where we can experience love and acceptance without judgment, heal our wounds, overcome our fears, embrace our shadow and connect with our own Divine light. This space acts as a symbolic portal through which you can access your original (human and cosmic) blueprint -the plans your soul made and the purpose you set for yourself before your spirit was embodied. 


Blue Star Temple is your sacred space to find solace, healing, tools, knowledge, spiritual upliftment and a community of like-hearted souls.



This is how it began…


In the Spring of 2017, I petitioned the universe to help me figure out ‘What is the unifying theme in my work?’ After more than ten years as a healer, shamanic practitioner, priestess, and facilitator of growth, I needed clarity on how to align the themes of my life, my gifts and passions, including embodiment, women’s mysteries, life as an empath, shadow work, spirituality, and awakening consciousness.


I was ready for the next incarnation of my sacred purpose. I just didn’t know what it was.


As I was falling asleep one night, I was startled awake with one potent download: Blue Star University.


Of course!


A university could be the energetic container where spiritual seekers could come to receive teachings, facilitation, support, healing and community with a wide scope of spiritual, physical and heart practices.


But really, I thought: How on Earth am I supposed to create a UNIVERSITY?!


I sat with this quandary, and with the massiveness of this energy, for weeks. A moment of clarity finally arrived and I realized...the University was the end destination. Blue Star Temple is my first step towards that grander vision...a virtual place where empaths on their spiritual journey can gather and find strength in their tribe. A first step I look forward to sharing with you.


What’s in a name? Why ‘Blue Star’ Temple?

FREE! Sensitive souls need radical self-care. Download your free manual, join the tribe of evolutionary empaths, and stay in touch with the latest from Stephanie!

11 Self-Care Must-Haves cover_edited.jpg

Shamanism is a way of life for me, and in my Peruvian shamanic tradition, as part of our apprenticeship, we are encouraged to connect with a mountain somewhere in the world. The mountain presents itself as a guide, and each mountain has a celestial counterpart (we are, after all, stardust). One star in particular made its presence known to me...Sirius a “blue star.” In my personal pantheon of angels, animal totems and spirits, Sirius has become a significant inspiration, celestial anchor, and lodestar. It holds an especially resonant place in my being. It is the primary star infused into Blue Star Temple.


But it’s not the only “blue” star implied. Earth is a “blue” planet and Venus, an ancient symbol of the feminine, is also a blue planet.


Sirius A and B from the Hubble

Blue Star Temple encompasses all of these associations, but its energetic coding is so rich I don’t even know the full meaning. It’s an understanding that will deepen with time.

Meet Stephanie Red Feather

For over 16 years I have helped people heal, find clarity, release stuck patterns and limiting beliefs, discover their authentic selves, and move confidently through periods of great transition. I use a combination of shamanic practices, ceremony, energy therapies, wisdom teachings, consciousness work and intuition but most importantly, I hold space for you to connect with your own truths without fear of judgment.

You can read all the details of my degrees, certifications and training here.


I believe that our mission as human beings is to learn how to bring our connection with Spirit down all the way into our bodies and embrace that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.


Everything I offer is designed to help empaths gain the tools to find their truths, trust their hearts, honor their inner knowing and flourish. From this place of soul alignment they can show up in their full splendor and embrace the exquisite joy, magic and magnificence of this life.

Stephanie at Machu Picchu

We are meant to be Sourcerers and Sourceresses, bridging the realms of heaven and earth, spirit and matter. Practicing the art of being "God in a Bod." Humanity is on a path of ascension and we are here for a big mission.

But this earth walk can be hard.

"I believe that our mission as human beings is to learn how to bring our connection with Spirit down all the way into our bodies and embrace that we are spiritual beings having a human experience."

My one-on-one services, programs, products and processes have helped many people release fears, embrace their authentic selves, and gain valuable tools for thriving in the world as sensitive beings.


I love creating powerful opportunities for people to experience their divinity.


I hold a space of compassion and empowerment where your own truth can emerge so you can show up as a stronger, brighter life force living in rapturous alignment with your soul's design.

You can learn more about my books, meditations and programs here.


Inside the temple of Isis at Philae, Egypt

My Journey to Blue Star Temple

My own journey into doing this work began during a major transitional period starting in 2002. After 10 years serving as an officer in the Air Force, I started my own financial planning business, fully expecting that would be my next career… and I quit in less than six months.


My carefully laid plans fell apart, one by one, including my marriage and my financial stability.


It felt like everything I counted on as solid betrayed me. What I thought was “truth” was a façade. I began to be stripped of everything I thought I knew.


Communing on the highest point in Missouri, Taum Sauk Mountain

In many ways, I had to surrender to my own psychic death for my rebirth to happen. As I walked through this spiritual crucible, I gathered wisdom, confidence, self-actualization and tapped into powerful truths and tools that let me live in greater harmony with the world and myself.


I sought teachers and processes, I studied shamanism, I looked inward. And it became clear that my path was to share what I’d learned and help to make others’ paths easier.

I am not afraid to go into dark places with you I’ve been there myself. I have learned that this ‘shadow’ is where our deepest healing lies.


Though my offerings have evolved over the years, my desire to serve others in their spiritual growth and transformation has remained steadfast. My life is made more meaningful through sharing what I have learned and supporting my fellow spiritual intrepids.

Military Service

Though it seems like a "lifetime ago," the 10 years I spent as an Air Force officer really helped shape who I am today.


On Horseback -- in EGYPT!

On the personal side, my passions include…

Horses and dressage riding, hiking, being in nature, creating art, collecting rocks and minerals, bird watching, food of all nationalities, making jewelry, gardening, creating beautiful spaces, loving on my cats, traveling, watching science and nature documentaries, and enjoying time with friends.

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