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Named 2020 Gold Winner of the COVR Visionary Award!

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A Sacred Space Held For You

Rev. Stephanie Red Feather
Blue Star Temple Founder

Blue Star Temple is a sanctuary for sensitive beings on their spiritual journey.


Here you have found a tribe of evolutionary empaths — heart-centered spiritual seekers dedicated to their inner work, evolving consciousness, and living their soul's purpose.


It is a space of both healing and knowledge for women and men who seek to understand, embrace and powerfully wield their unique empathic gifts.

Are you ready to leave behind the confusion, pain, judgment, loneliness and doubt you've likely experienced as a sensitive soul "out of place?"

Through Blue Star Temple's offerings you can restore your authentic Self, shine your empathic light, revel in finding your spiritual kin, and joyfully step into your unique contribution to humanity's journey of ascension. 

At Blue Star Temple you will find:

  • Workshops and experiential programs that connect us with the Divine in ourselves and in every living thing. Through initiatory processes, mystery schools, and accelerated learning methods you can experience transformation, illumination and meaningful growth.

  • Products, tools and resources to help you navigate life as a sensitive soul, including video home study programs, books, meditations, workbooks and more.

  • Articles, podcasts and blogs filled with helpful insights, inspiration a practical wisdom.

  • Opportunities for one-on-one work with me to facilitate your journey and illuminate your blind spots.

  • A balanced emphasis on the esoteric and the practical through focus on embodiment, life as an evolutionary empath, shamanism, divine feminine mysteries, energy healing and hygiene practices, masculine-feminine balance and inner spiritual authority.


The world needs you, dear star sisters and brothers, to embrace the passionate, audacious, cosmic, sensitive, magical Creative Beings that you are!

Start your journey with my free Evolutionary Empath Activation Manual!


In love and sacred service,

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Evolutionary Empath cover page high res.

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The Art & Practice of Energetic Clearing

This video home-study program will give you all the tools and techniques to confidently clear yourself, space and sacred objects.


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