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Shamanism: Personal Quests of Communion with Nature and Creation
A #1 Multi-author book from the Common Sentience Series

Are you ready to awaken your shamanic soul?

You must live the path to understand it.


Respected kamasqa curandero Oscar Miro-Quesada teaches shamanism as a tradition of healing, power, and wisdom that sees all life as interconnected and sacred in SHAMANISM: Personal Quests of Communion with Nature and Creation.

SHAMANISM is the medicine our world needs for seven generations and beyond!

What makes this book uncommon and truly special is it shares spiritual wisdom on living the shaman’s path and provides true, mystical stories of those who have shamanic experiences.

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In Part One: Understanding Shamanism, explore the shamanic art of a noble death, becoming a hollow bone, traveling through the three worlds, and how to embrace the imaginal beauty of a living, sentient, and ever-evolving cosmos.

In Part Two: Personal Quests of Communion with Nature and Creation feel soul-animating moments with Creation itself as don Oscar and our sacred storytellers share their transformative experiences, including those of:

  • a woman who meets a sister she never knew—child to child, soul to soul.

  • a man whose animal ally gives him the gift of unconditional love.

  • a woman who connects with the Amazigh women who served as oracles long ago.

  • a granddaughter who conquers her fear and completes her first vision quest.

  • a woman whose reverence and songs to Gaia bring much needed rain.

  • a man who is protected from harm by sacred plant allies.

In Part Three: Deepening Your Shamanic Connection cultivate spiritual discernment, learn how to consecrate your shamanic ceremonial space, practice an ancient Andean earth walk ritual, internalize the soul-nurturing beauty of Mother Earth with the Pachamama Renewal Process, work with the five principal animal allies of Universal Shamanism, and discover the loving grace that sparked the emergence of shamanism as a universal path of healing service.

Don Oscar is the creator of the Peruvian tradition of shamanism that I practice called the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition of Peru. (That's me and Oscar at a workshop in Kansas City a number of years ago.)


It is my honor to share in the magical book with him.

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In my story, "Snakeskins and Rabbit Tales" (which you can find on page 145) I share how these two powerful symbols came to me - in the same day! - to give me guidance and clarity during one of the most intense death-and-rebirth processes of my life.

Can you feel the magic brewing in this passage?


"A glint of light caught my eye as I surveyed my neglected back yard. Is that a piece of plastic? It lay in the flowers right next to my apacheta, a stone altar that’s part of the Peruvian shamanic tradition I practice.

I reached down to snatch up the trash but then jumped back like I had been bitten…it was a snakeskin! A snake had nestled next to my apacheta and shed its skin there. The delicate husk threaded out from between two stones at the base of the structure, left behind as the snake slithered eastward into the flower bed.

I stumbled backwards, mouth agape, stunned by the significance."

Jose Luis Stevens, Ph.D., best-selling author of Awaken The Inner Shaman says...


“I found myself going to new levels of understanding, feeling downright mesmerized by don Oscar’s weaving of shamanism and other wisdom traditions, including Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism, cross-cultural shamanism, mythology, and western psychology. My own words here fail to express the totality of his heartfelt contribution to the sacred path.”

"Shamanism is simply a path of sharing one's beauty and one's connection in a graceful manner with all that is in service to the seven generations and beyond."

                                                                                                   ~Don Oscar Miro-Quesada

"This fascinating book by don Oscar Miro-Quesada is filled with perennial wisdom teachings, and shamanic ritual practices meant to hasten our shift to a higher vibration, our birth into the life of Spirit transparent to itself in the material world."


Sandra Ingerman, M.A., world-renowned shamanic teacher, award-winning author

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Full disclosure: You may not be aware that with this type of collaboration, if you order from an online seller (like Amazon), I will not receive any proceeds. If you are interested in this book and want to support me, I ask that you please purchase directly from me (if you are in the U.S.) I deeply appreciate your support!


About the Author


Rev. Dr. Stephanie Red Feather is a divine feminine change agent and champion of empaths. An award-winning author of the #1 international best-seller, The Evolutionary Empath and Empath Activation Cards, her passion is to help fellow sensitive souls break out of energetic jail and become co-creators of new earth consciousness. As a shamanic minister, workshop facilitator, and prolific creator of spiritual tools, Stephanie has helped thousands to connect with their sacred self and heal their human wounds.


Stephanie is the founder and director of Blue Star Temple, an online resource for spiritual seekers to learn energetic skills, hone empathic abilities, access spiritual knowledge, and connect with cosmic consciousness. Her specialties include masculine-feminine balance, boundaries, energy hygiene, shadow work, shamanic consciousness, embodiment, and celestial mysteries. (Read full bio.)

Want to work with Stephanie? Find out about her offerings here.

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