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Weddings, Ceremonies, Rites of Passage

If you would like to hire me to perform a wedding, ceremony or rite of passage, I am happy to tailor the ceremony to your needs. I am non-denominational and prepared to accommodate whatever your spiritual beliefs and practices are.


Types of ceremonies and traditions I have performed or worked with include: weddings, hand-fastings, initiations, rites of passage, as well as Native American, Celtic, Peruvian, pagan, new age, Christian and wiccan traditions. 


My fee varies depending on the size and scope of the request. In general, my officiant fee begins at $500. If you would like to hire me in a ministerial or officiant capacity, please contact me to set up a free consultation phone call. We will discuss your needs and gather the necessary details so that I may quote you a fee for the service(s) you desire.

I am an ordained minister through the International Assembly of Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards and an ordained shamanic minister through Venus Rising Association for Transformation.

Need planning help? Yes, I do consulting!

If you would like to consult with me to get help planning or brainstorming a wedding or other ceremony (where you will not be hiring me to perform the ceremony), my consultation fee is $200/hour.​

House Clearings

Does your home or office need energetic clearing, protection, or alignment with your highest intentions? I perform shamanic house clearings and would be honored to tend to your space and help co-create the most harmonious environment possible for you and your family (or employees, if a business.)


Cleansing your home energetically is just as important as tending to physical cleanliness. I do clearings on homes, offices, apartments, properties, businesses, land — whatever space you need. Everyone should feel confident that they live and work in a space that is harmonious and supportive.


If boundaries are a relevant factor (such as sharing a wall in a town home or cubicle at work), I have special methods for establishing a loving container that keeps your energies in and others' energies out.

I am very average 3- to 4-bedroom home (including basement, garage, out-buildings and land) usually takes about 3 hours. I get into every nook and cranny (with your permission) as well as converse with the trees and land.

House clearing altar 2.jpg

Clearing altar set up at home-owner's house

My clearing process always involves the inhabitants so that everyone can play a conscious part in establishing the energetic field and resonance of the space. This includes giving the homeowners some preparatory work to set intentions and gather any potential supplies (such as crystals or other items as spirit leads) before I arrive.

It is highly encouraged that children participate in the intention-setting in some way! Or, if a business, the key employees. Everyone who lives and works in the space is and will be affected by its energies. To create the most harmonious field of intention, it is encouraged that everyone participate to some degree, even if they are just holding space for the process.

It probably goes without saying, but it's hard to clear a space without addressing the energy of the occupant(s), too! House clearings almost always involve some aspect of addressing your energy or state of being/mind, so I often employ oracle cards, releasing ceremonies, offerings, intention-setting and other rituals as I am called. If you desire more attention or time devoted to working with just your energy field, I encourage you to set up an individual healing session with me.

Marble Surface

'More settled, more love...'

"I deeply appreciate the work Stephanie did in my home.  The experience was amazing! She was able to point out energy leaks and how to work with them. She moved energy that needed to move, explaining the process as she went room to room. The best part was learning about my trees and how they work together! I LOVED that. I feel more settled, more love with my home and the yard. Thank you again Stephanie for your help and expertise!"

~ Debbie Bitner, Lee's Summit, MO

Amrita Head shot.jpg

'Absolutely amazing, magical, incredibly accurate...'

"Stephanie's long-distance home and property clearing was absolutely amazing, magical, incredibly accurate, and a joy to experience. It's obvious that Stephanie is solidly plugged in to the multi-dimensional realms, to a deep well of truth and wisdom, and to her own personal guidance. I highly recommend doing this process with her... and be prepared to be transported into other dimensions with her as she does the clearing work!"


~ Amrita Grace, Chapel Hill, NC

'...absolutely amazing, full of synchronicities, and deeply moving...reconnected the land to its inner essence'

I now can clearly see that I’ve totally been guided to work with Stephanie, right from the beginning, through her Empath Activation Cards. I was so drawn to her healing energy!


I called upon Stephanie to clear two estates - beloved land which had a totally entangled energy, from bewitchments to past life influences and karma. Both clearings were absolutely amazing, full of synchronicities, symbols and deeply moving. Through her sacred and powerful shamanic connection, she managed to reconnect the land to its inner essence, to its purpose of light, love and wisdom.  As an empath I was aware I was living and feeling the whole process together with the land. It was a total emotional roller coaster!


Stephanie was way ahead. She made me feel so safe, treating the land with such respect, love and deep ancient knowledge. With her sacred spirit connection, her divine feminine and shamanic empowerment, charisma and peaceful trust, I felt led - together with the land - to give birth to ourselves. It was so ancient and so magical at the same time.


I am so grateful for the whole process. Thank you for your peace, your vision, and your connection to spirit.

                                                                   ~ Stephanie, Spain

I prefer that the homeowners be present while I am performing the work, but understand if that is impractical. However I do require at least one adult (parent, business owner, etc.) to be present the entire time.

My price varies depending on the size of the home, property, number of out-buildings, and other factors. In general, an average 3-4 bedroom home on an average-sized lot takes me about 2 1/2 - 3 hours and runs $300- $350. After you contact me, we will have a conversation about your intentions and the size of your home/space/land. Then I will give you a specific quote.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions!

YES! I do distance clearing!

It may seem counter-intuitive at first that a house clearing can be performed remotely. But energy is energy! Our preparation ahead of time would be a bit more involved, but the process is just as effective as a "live" clearing. Check out the testimonials from Amrita and Stephanie above!

Amrita Grace grid_edited.jpg
Stephanie Enthoven grid 2.jpg

These photos show examples of the grids and altars I create when performing a remote house clearing...

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