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Prayer Has Intelligence
October 2019   |   By Stephanie Red Feather

I glanced over at the clock on the wall, again. 10:00…11:00…12:00… “When are they going to come and take me to the operating room already?” If I wasn’t sedated, IV’d, gowned up, and lying in a wheeled bed from the pre-op procedures – forcing me to be still, stay “inward,” and practice my meditation skills – my restlessness and anxiety would have overtaken me. My knee surgery was scheduled for first thing in the morning, but it was after lunch when they finally wheeled me into the O.R.

Yet, I am grateful for the delay because I got to experience firsthand – in my cells – the power and intelligence of prayer.

My surgery was elective and scheduled in advance, so in the days leading up to it, I...

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An Introduction to Shamanic Breathwork
April 2019   |   By Stephanie Red Feather

Breath is one of the most diverse and powerful tools we possess. And, it costs us nothing! There are endless ways to use breath to achieve altered states of consciousness, move energy, release and clear tension, meditate, or shift your state of being. For anyone on a journey of awakening consciousness, breath is the key that can unlock the door to greater awareness and mastery over the multiple dimensions in which we live and play.

While Shamanic Breathwork™ (SBW) employs the breath, it is not a “still” practice where one sits in a particular posture and breathes in a particular rhythm to experience a meditative state. It is not a meditation technique in the classical sense. SBW is a dynamic technique that uses...

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Who Is In Your Energy Field
October 2018   |   By Stephanie Red Feather

As empaths (sensitive beings), we naturally have very open energy fields, big hearts, and a desire to serve others. This makes us exceptional therapists, healers, energy workers, coaches, healthcare professionals, and similar careers of service.


Unfortunately, when we aren't conscious of our energy field, we often have loose, sloppy, or non-existent boundaries. This means the edges of our energetic container are not well-defined, if at all (think Swiss cheese). One consequence of this is that we tend to...
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Reclaiming The Lost Feminine Archetype
January 2018   |   By Stephanie Red Feather

Conscious evolution is an act of revolution. In the process of evolving, we are faced with the choice to go with the herd or forge our own path. Going against the herd is treacherous, often accompanied by rebuffing, if not abject persecution. In choosing to honor our own truth and to refuse the notion that we should "do a thing just because that's the way we've always done that thing" takes courage, vision, conviction, daring, and faith. People have died forging new paradigms.


At some point in the spiritual maturation process, we are faced with the decision of...
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The Darker The Shadow, The Brighter The Light
October 2017   |   By Stephanie Red Feather

She was born to unwed teenage parents and wore potato sack dresses her grandmother made. She was molested at age 9, then again at 13. At 14 she gave birth to a son who died in infancy. She was literally dirt poor, repeatedly abused and discriminated against.


Today, Oprah Winfrey has a net worth of over $3 billion and is a leading philanthropist. 


Her journey is but one example...

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Passivity vs. Active Receptivity in Manifesting
May 2017   |   By Stephanie Red Feather

Action is a masculine principle, and it is the driver of our modern world. Man or woman, it has been bred into us that this is the way we must approach life if we want to be successful, prosperous, and happy. If you can't measure it, accumulate it, prove it, conquer it, or demonstrate it, then it has no value.


In this paradigm, force is the currency. Think about how many times have you’ve heard someone say...

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The Energy Of Change
October 2016   |   By Stephanie Red Feather

Have you noticed that when you go through great personal change, everything around you seems to be in chaos for a period of time? Ever wonder why? 

There are several energetic principles at work that can help us understand why our world—and especially our relationships — go through so much upheaval when we are in a process of transformation. 

First, it’s important to remember that...

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There Is No Right Amount Of Devotion
January 2016   |   By Stephanie Red Feather

In a recent moment of clarity I realized the key to achieving the happiness I seek does not lie in pleasing some supreme authority or following a specific set of rules to the letter. It is not about putting our desires below God's. It is not about self-sacrifice or denying and suppressing our power, creative expression, or aspirations. It is not about doing enough. (Enough of what? And how much is enough anyway?)

There is no vindictive God sitting up in heaven with a clipboard and a stopwatch...

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Transcendence Means Down, Not Up
December 2015  |   By Stephanie Red Feather

Not that ancient wisdom texts are easy to interpret in the first place, but I think some of the sages who studied and decoded the meaning of these documents, despite their best efforts, got it wrong.

Reaching enlightenment, greater states of awareness or transcendence  isn't about bypassing the emotions. It isn't about living from the upper chakras and...

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