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The Evolutionary Empath: A Practical Guide for Heart-Centered Consciousness, is a #1 new release on Amazon. Purchase your copy now!

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The Art & Practice of Energetic Clearing

This video home-study program will give you all the tools and techniques to confidently clear yourself, space and sacred objects.


Guided Meditations

Sometimes you just want to relax, not have to think or figure out what to do, and allow someone else to guide you. Seven downloadable meditations to choose from!


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A free activational manual designed to help you step gracefully into your mission as an evolutionary empath!

Chaos to Clarity: Sacred Stories of Transformational Change

Look for my story "Time to Get Out" on page 185

Real people. Real pain. Real hopelessness. Real healing. 

Witness firsthand the challenges that men and women from around the world faced head-on, and how, through their adversity, they became stronger and happier.


Battling a life-threatening illness. Surviving an abusive relationship. Overcoming addiction. Suffering the heartbreaking loss of a child. Wrestling with self-sabotaging thoughts. Losing and finding love… these are just a few of the transformational stories that will encourage you and change your perspective in Chaos to Clarity.


A global voice of contributing authors bare their souls for you. Their unfettered honesty is a gift to all and connects us to the Butterfly Effect of Universal Oneness. Just as the flapping of a tiny


new release

wing can change weather patterns around the world, a small inspiration may impart positivity on another’s life. The tears shed from these stories may make waves on distant shores, and your peals of laughter may become someone’s breath of life.


Change is part of the natural order of life. In this inspirational book, authors Cagganello and Kanavos offer their expertise on the spirituality and psychology of change and explain why change is not only necessary, it’s good for you!


Welcome to the heart of our shared humanity. Discover hope for the future and a blueprint for your life in these life-changing pages.

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In my story, "Time to Get Out" (which you can find on page 185) I talk about the journey of my spiritual awakening...a period I have described as living 100 years in the space of five years.


I call that excruciating time "the spiritual crucible."

Can you relate to this experience?...

"While I was in the spiritual crucible, it felt like everything I counted on as solid and predictable betrayed me. Everything I believed in was stripped away. With each "blow," it felt like I was being squeezed through smaller and smaller funnels, until my pulverized parts could be mashed through a fine-mesh sieve and finally liquefied. In many ways, I had to surrender to my own psychic death for my rebirth to happen. It was not a graceful surrender."

My story and the stories of my international colleagues show us that we are all human, we all experience tragedy, and we all have strength we never knew was possible.


"It's not whether you get knocked down; it's whether you get back up."

                                                                                                        ~ Vince Lombardi

chaos to clarity hit#1 as a new release on amazon!

About the Author


Stephanie Red Feather is a divine feminine change agent and champion of empaths. As an ordained shamanic minister, her passion is to help fellow empaths embrace their soul's calling to evolve humanity to the next stage of consciousness.


Stephanie is the founder of Blue Star Temple and prolific creator of products and programs designed to provide tools, inspiration and understanding for those on the path of evolving consciousness. Her motivation comes from the difficulty experienced navigating her own spiritual awakening. (Read full bio.)

Hungry for more? Check out Stephanie's weekly blog and 12-episode podcast!

Reviews of Chaos to Clarity

Pamela Cangioli, literary reviewer and editor

“This outstanding book contains everything a reader could want: emotionally gripping, encouraging, hope-filled, powerful writing, engaging personal stories…so much packed into it. Pain is part of the human experience that we can all relate to. But finding hope and healing through the pain—that is a precious gem that this book uncovers. This collection gets to the heart of finding clarity in our suffering.


As relevant as it is relatable, the words will touch you, the stories will change you, and you’ll tap into a strength you didn’t know you had. A must-read!” 

Dennis J. Pitocco, CEO of BIZCATALYST 360, an award-winning new media digest

“My book finally arrived yesterday morning –and before the day was over my wife and I had each read it cover to cover. Quite frankly, we were each simply “blown away” by the level of candid, raw emotion packed within so many stories, coupled with a rare and refreshing dose of vulnerability. This collaborative effort was as cathartic to read as it was inspiring, given the honesty put forth on an international stage. 


We put the book down feeling like we had discovered a new community of like-minded, authentic souls, each connected by our past. What an experience. Far beyond anything we anticipated.”