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Empath Activation Cards
Oracle Deck

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2nd runner up badge.png

Empath Activation Cards is a 5-time award-winning deck!

  • 2022 Bronze Winner (Oracle Card Deck category) of the COVR Visionary Awards!

  • The artwork "Soular Initiation" is the 2022 Bronze Winner (Home Decor, Clothing and Textile Products) of the COVR Visionary Awards

  • The artwork "Soular Initiation" is the 2022 Silver Winner (Inspirational and Transformational Products) of the COVR Visionary Awards

  • The guidebook is the 2022 2nd Runner Up (Best Guide Book accompanying a deck - public votes) in the CARTA Awards

  • The guidebook is the 2022 2nd Runner Up (Best Guide Book accompanying a deck - judge's choice) in the CARTA Awards

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"What you have in this deck is an entire mystery school curriculum in one fell swoop."

               ~ Daniel Moler, author of  Shamanic Qabalah

                  (Read Daniel Moler's foreword to this deck)

"These beautiful, unique, and powerful activation cards are primed and ready to expedite your ascension to the next dimension!"

"Empath Activation Cards is an exquisite road map for those on the ascension path."

"This deck is a beautiful spiritual experience, a profound education, deep acknowledgment, and a delightful joy all at once."

"From the dazzling images to the potent accompanying readings, this oracle deck is simply stunning."

"The art is so exquisite, its frequency vibrates right off the card."

"A must-have deck for all sensitive souls..."

I was ready to create Empath Activation Cards a year before I actually did. Hear about my journey of creating the deck, including a couple twists and turns I wasn't expecting.

Come with me as I open up my oracle deck for the first time (I had just received my author's copy), and discover a couple of surprises at the same time I do!

Each message in the deck includes some kind of activity like a ceremony, guided process, or declarative incantation. In this video I read the Decree of Sacred Enoughness.

My oracle deck contains over 20 incantations that are part of the messages within the deck. In this video I share the amazing artwork that was created to showcase these incantations, which are available for purchase in my store.

While Empath Activation Cards can be used like any other oracle deck, I created this oracle with a special secondary purpose - to be used as a self-guided initiation into the mysteries of higher consciousness. Find out what that means!

Here I interview my spirit brother, Daniel Moler, who wrote the foreword to my deck and was the first person to engage with the art, messages, and energy of this deck. Find out what he has to say!

Oracle cards can be used to communicate with the unseen realms for guidance, validation and support. If you've never used an oracle deck or aren't sure how they work, this video will explain how! 

All of the artwork from Empath Activation Cards is for sale on my website. Check out this video to see the different sizes and formats you can choose from.

Empath Activation Cards is a full-color oracle deck and guidebook to activate your light codes, raise your frequency, and awaken to your cosmic mission.


  • Includes 44 full-color cards, embedded with activational frequencies and imbued with sacred geometric symbols and patterns from nature and the cosmos

  • For each card, the book explains its meaning and message and includes a ritual activity, such as an incantation, guided journaling, meditation, or ceremony, to help you engage more deeply and experientially with the message

  • The book demonstrates how the cards represents 4 distinct initiatory paths, which can act as a cosmic mission activation launch sequence, helping you in the next steps of your soul purpose


Presenting high-vibration activational messages, this oracle deck and book set is designed to help you remember your true nature as a being of light, access your cosmic mission, and raise your vibratory frequency. Rev. Stephanie Red Feather hand-painted the art on each of the 44 full-color cards, imbued with sacred geometric symbols and patterns from nature and the cosmos, to serve as a tool of transmission, engaging you on multiple levels of consciousness and allowing you to receive whatever activation, message, or inspiration from Source you need in the moment.


The art is also intentionally embedded with activational frequencies to help you “turn on” your light codes, retrieve ancient wisdom stored in your soul’s memory from enlightened times, and transmit signals from Source, which land like seeds in the mind and flower into higher knowledge. (And all the artwork is available for purchase!)


In the accompanying guidebook, Red Feather explains how the oracle can be used as a self-guided initiation into the mysteries of higher consciousness. Drawing on astrophysics, biology, geology, quantum mechanics, as well as ancient mystical traditions, she shows how the cards can be divided into four groups, each representing a distinct initiatory path and acting as a cosmic mission activation launch sequence. For each card, she explains its meaning and message and includes a ritual activity, such as an incantation, guided journaling, meditation, or ceremony, to help you engage more deeply and experientially with the message.


Offering a hands-on tool to discover and activate the next steps of your cosmic mission, this oracle helps you prepare your light body for the next octave of your soul purpose on earth as well as drawing you into higher, wider, and deeper dimensions of consciousness.

Marble Surface

"Your cards are LOVELY! I am impressed by the variety, diversity and overall, the quality that most of the time seems three dimensional, lots of depth! I am really excited to finally have them here and am exploring slowly, savouring the deck. This is so rich, so many levels to appreciate. Thank you for your tremendous gift!"

"I recently purchased your empath cards. They are brilliant, so much work/talent/insight! So much pertains to me and my journey. I am now a huge fan, shaman. Thank you 44 times. Truly unbelievable. Wonderful."

Order directly from me


Want a signed copy with a personalized inscription, plus free shipping? Purchase your copy of Empath Activation Cards directly from me for only $39!
(US orders only)

P.S. Did you know the artwork is also available for sale? You can purchase your favorite designs in 8x10 or 16x20, glossy or matte, framed or unframed. 

P.P.S The incantations are also available for purchase (mind blown!) You can find all the artwork and incantations here!




The art you see on the back of each card (which is also card #41 Soular Initiation) is multi-award-winning!


Soular Initiation, pictured at right, is the 2022 Silver Winner (Inspirational & Transformational Products) and 2022 Bronze Winner (Home Decor, Clothing & Textile) of the COVR Visionary Awards!

Order your copy of Soular Initiation here!

41 Soular Initiation.jpg

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About the Author


Rev. Dr. Stephanie Red Feather is a divine feminine change agent and champion of empaths. A gold award-winning author of the #1 international best-seller, The Evolutionary Empath, her passion is to help fellow sensitive souls break out of energetic jail and become co-creators of new earth consciousness. As a shamanic minister, workshop facilitator, and prolific creator of spiritual tools, Stephanie has helped thousands to connect with their sacred self and heal their human wounds.


Stephanie is the founder and director of Blue Star Temple, an online resource for spiritual seekers to learn energetic skills, hone empathic abilities, access spiritual knowledge, and connect with cosmic consciousness. Her specialties include masculine-feminine balance, boundaries, energy hygiene, shadow work, shamanic consciousness, embodiment, and celestial mysteries. (Read full bio.)

Marble Surface

Empath Activation Cards
Foreword by Daniel Moler


Author of Shamanic Qabalah: A Mystical Path to Uniting the Tree of Life & the Great Work, and Sanctioned Teacher of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition

Reverend Stephanie Red Feather’s Empath Activation Cards is, to say the least, a spiritual tool of initiation in the highest order! She is correct in asserting that this is not just an oracle deck . . . it is a rite of passage! Better yet, you do not have to be attuned to any one body of knowledge or the other to benefit from it. Empath Activation Cards is entirely cross-cultural in its design; any person from any path or background can easily understand the oracle and initiatory offerings in this deck.

Initiation has taken many forms over the centuries. From puberty rites to granting entrance to a certain class or society, the varieties of initiation differ in their type and function. However, one thing remains painstakingly clear in the technological commotion of the twenty-first century: our access to initiation in the modern world is sorely lacking. Bombarded by frenzied and instant access to social media, politics, and world events, we are caught in a swirl of confusion and left with little guidance on how to grow and evolve into our individual and collective potential.

The human condition has long been lured by the search for meaning. We ache to understand our place in the world and how we may fulfill a sense of purpose. Initiation is itself a method of achieving such an understanding of ourselves and the world around us. As noted by the great anthropologist Mircea Eliade, initiation itself represents a fundamental “change in the existential condition” of the self.*


As one undergoes the initiatory process, the initiate emerges from an initiatory process made anew. The past self (pre-initiation) is but a mere shadow, a memory. One is no longer ruled by the whims that plagued their life before initiation; the desires of the initiate are now changed in that they are more concerned with the collective or the transpersonal rather than the individual. It is a spiritual transformation, a rebirth.  

At the same time, the initiate’s social makeup has transformed as well. It becomes incumbent upon the initiate to utilize their newly acquired knowledge and understanding to serve the community. For what good does it do to evolve into a higher state of being without returning that good fortune back to your fellow sisters and brothers of humanity? This is the higher aim of the bodhisattva—to ensure enlightenment for the benefit of all sentient beings. As such, Stephanie is authentic in her commitment to the bodhisattva ideal. Her goal is to ensure the initiation and enlightenment of her fellow human beings in order to relieve the suffering we so often face in our daily lives. She wants to ensure that we reach our full potential as souls who inhabit a conscious universe.

Although it may not seem so on the surface, our modern world is rife and abundant with initiatory tools and methods. We are entering a time in our collective humanity where our accessibility to esoteric technologies is such that has never been imagined. It is to our highest benefit that we have access to this information, and we are even more blessed to be able to receive such a magnificent tool of modern initiation in this initiatory oracle deck.

I have been lucky enough to be one of the first people to utilize the cards in this book.  From the outset it was my intention to go through them and their guiding text from beginning to end, as an evolutionary process of initiation incorporated into my own daily spiritual practice. As so often is the case with these types of practices, I did not realize the extent that the imagery and ritual activities would impact me.

Reverend Red Feather has truly become a conduit for a higher order of consciousness. Each card, each image, is a key (an “activation code”) unlocking a door of limitless possibilities within the subconscious mind. As I moved through each initiatory path—meditating upon the striking textures, geometry, and colors on the cards—I found parts of myself that I never knew existed before, awakening. The ritual activities—and particularly the incantations—that accompany each card are just as much of a key as the images themselves; a guiding hand activating a deeper understanding of one’s place in the universe. Together the cards and incantations form a synthesis of poetic and artistic alchemy. The cards augment and enhance the experience of the incantations and vice versa.  

   I quickly realized I could not take this process lightly . . . I began to slow down and take days, even a week, to reflect upon each card and the lessons it contained. It was soon apparent that the Empath Activation Cards became an integral part of my spiritual practice, a daily inspiration that continues to lead me into new directions when exploring the magnificence of being human.

I have known Stephanie for many years. She has been a friend and confidante, guide and mentor—not only for me, but for the wider spiritual community we are both a part of. One of the greatest gifts she offers as a medicine-carrier and light-worker is her ability to add clarity to any situation. As will be noted in her previous work, The Evolutionary Empath, and can be identified in this guide book, Reverend Red Feather provides a lucid understanding of esoteric concepts and practices that even those of us who are not familiar with them can understand.

And—I had no idea—she is an incredible visual artist to boot! Every one of these cards deserves a place on the walls of the most esteemed galleries and temples. According to the great mystic, author, and founder of the Society of the Inner Light, Dion Fortune, “We take spiritual initiation when we become conscious of the Divine within us, and thereby contact the Divine without us.”[1] These works of art are truly codes to activate your consciousness and direct it to a more cosmic, divine mission.

What you have in this deck is an entire mystery school curriculum in one fell swoop. It will expand your understanding of who you are and open the codes and pathways in your inner self so that you can embrace the unlimited potential awakening within you. To receive some wisdom and guidance for a situation or question, utilizing the cards as an oracle deck works just as well selecting a card at random. Thankfully, Stephanie will be making her artwork and incantations available for purchase as well, so that readers (myself included) can decorate their sacred space with these amazing works in order to be uplifted and inspired each and every day.  

Reverend Red Feather has already done the work of formulating a profound system of oracle and initiation for the twenty-first century. Now all you have to do is sit back and receive.

In sacred relationship,

Daniel Moler

Daniel Moler is an author, artist, and a sanctioned teacher in the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, a cross-cultural shamanic lineage. He is the creator of Psychonaut Presents: MotherVine, Shamanic Qabalah: A Mystical Path to Uniting the Tree of Life & the Great Work, Red Mass, and Machine Elves 101, among other works published around the world. He can be found at  


* Mircea Eliade, Rites and Symbolism of Initiation: The Mysteries of Birth and Rebirth (New York: Harper & Row, 1958), x. 


[1] Dion Fortune, The Training and Work of an Initiate (San Francisco: Weiser Books, 2000), 28.

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