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Shamanic Oracle Reading


Oracle readings are an excellent way to call upon the unseen realms for guidance, validation, clarity, confirmation, inspiration, and for revealing what is hidden.

My shamanic oracle readings are unlike other tarot or oracle card readings you might have experienced!

In my preparation I lay out a grid that mirrors the Peruvian Mesa (altar) from my shamanic tradition. I place you energetically in the center and then apply several processes.

Calling in your higher self and spiritual team, I first pull cards (choosing from over 25 different decks) to give me insight on each of the directions, which are associated with the four realms and elements:

  • South - physical realm - earth

  • West - emotional realm - water

  • North - spiritual realm - air

  • East - mental realm - fire

Then I cast seven small shells over a drawing of a human form, which gives me further information and refines the reading.

Finally, I consult my extensive crystal and stone collection for stones to support you in each of the four realms we will discuss: physical, emotional, spiritual and mental. Then, depending on my guidance, I might pull another card, crystal, medicine piece or some other divining tool.

I take a photo which I then text or email to you so you can reference it during our reading and continue to work with the medicine of the healing grid in the coming weeks.


All of this is completely ceremonially before we hop on our 60-minute Zoom call.

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'Fresh perspective and inspiration...'

"Thank you again Stephanie! Your connection to the oracle was evident in my reading  - making it all the more powerful and helpful to me! The images and messages of the cards mixed with your insights coalesced in a most magical way giving me fresh perspective and inspiration."

                                                                                                 ~Wren Carmack

Purchase your discounted shamanic oracle reading now!

60-minute Shamanic Oracle Reading

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Once you purchase your oracle reading, I'll email you to schedule our session. Depending on how full my calendar is, please know it will most likely be one to three weeks before we can conduct your reading. I look forward to supporting you! Email me with questions.

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