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Shamanic Astrology Life Intent Reading

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Are you interested in a deeper look at the patterns you set up for yourself at birth?

My mom was a traditional astrologer, so I've lived on the periphery of astrology my whole life. When I found shamanic astrology (with its slightly different interpretation of the archetypes and positions) it profoundly impacted my understanding of myself, my patterns and desires, my stuck spots, my shadow, and my needs.

I think you will find this reading impactful,  enlightening and immediately applicable!

What's included in this reading?

We'll look at the significance and archetypal energies of your sun sign, moon, ascendant, south and north nodes, mars and Venus (your masculine & feminine), and your relationship axis.

If that was gibberish to you, it means we'll look at the fuel that feeds you, what you showed up on this planet with a PhD in (what comes easy and natural to you), and what mystery school (pursuits, interests, passions, expressions) you are here to explore and master.


We'll also look at how your inner masculine and feminine show up (and what they like, value and need), what your ideal relationship looks like, the dynamics of your inner sacred marriage, and why/where/how you might be feeling stuck (and what will free you).

Plus, we'll look at the shadow aspects of some of these major influencers to help you recognize when you are in the unhealthy expression of that particular archetype (sign). This is honestly one of my favorite parts of the shamanic astrology paradigm. I find these shadow aspects to be so helpful in understanding when I'm out of balance and identifying exactly which part of me is seeking expression from the shadow because it is not being fulfilled. (Really good stuff.)

These readings are plain English and help you understand the major themes and energetic frequencies you chose to work with in this lifetime. Shamanic astrology is progressive in that it recognizes you have free will, choice, and the opportunity always to grow and evolve.

These readings take approximately two hours.

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When you book your shamanic astrology reading, I'll also give you my 2023 Celestial Timings reference. This handy (and beautiful!) one-page resource includes:

  • Full moons

  • New moons

  • Eclipses

  • Solstices and equinoxes

  • Cross-quarters

  • and Mercury retrogrades

This is a great resource to stay in touch with the major celestial timings of 2023 to align with the energies for ceremony, personal spiritual work, or timing your life or business events.

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'Well worth the investment...'

"This. Is. Amazing! If you are hesitating, please treat yourself to understanding that your complexities are not insanity. This was well worth the investment in myself and I have been able to add this to my tool chest of understanding.

                                                                                                 ~Marybeth Singleton

'Most helpful reading I have ever received...'

"I just had my reading today - I have to say...




This may have been the most helpful reading of any kind I have ever received. So many aspects of my self so clearly explained and the relationships understood, I actually feel equipped to handle the next phase of my life from a place of true empowerment."

                                                                                                 ~Star Thomas-Wyse

Purchase your shamanic astrology life intent reading now (which includes the bonus 2023 Celestial Timings resource)!

Shamanic Astrology Life Intent Reading

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Once you purchase your astrology reading, I'll email you to schedule our session. Depending on how full my calendar is, please know it will most likely be one to three weeks before we can conduct your reading. I look forward to supporting you! Email me with questions.

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