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Praise For The Process

Would You Recommend The Priestess Process To Other Women?


"I certainly would. It changes you in ways you will never expect or be able to explain." ~ Laura Robinson


"Of course! For any woman who has the desire to be empowered from within, to truly sit with herself."     ~ Devin Gerling

"Yes! I'd share that "that which comes up is now ready to be integrated and healed." I'd share that it's about trusting the mystery and in the vulnerable sharing in the circle of women, the love, laughter, fears and healing and making new and amazing women friends." ~ Mary Porter


"Yes. Because of the process, I possess many more skills to deal with life." ~ Ginny Farney


"Definitely. It empowers women. It helps them make life changing decisions that are good for them."        ~ Phyllis Peterson

"Yes. If you're looking to change patterns that keep you feeling stuck and tired or if you're looking to learn self love and compassion for yourself - this is a great process to go through." ~ Misty L.


"Yes, it’s great for empowerment of oneself." ~ Sabrina Largen


"Absolutely. I already have because I feel every woman should have the opportunity to experience this type of support and the time to honor and appreciate herself and her sisters." ~ Hester Black


"Yes. Do it. It will change your life." ~ Renee Burnett

"Yes - just learning the effects the culture has on women. The focus on sisterhood was something I relished." ~ Elaine K. Brown



"This was definitely a journey of love, tears, laughter, anger, frustration, learning, growing and being activated, aligned and embodied with myself as well as my sisters. My surprises came towards the end when I looked back over my nine-month process and was truly able to see the growth within myself and how it blew me away that the things I wrote in my initiation statement have come true for me."

~ Shannon Lindsey

"The Priestess Process has given me great insight into my fears, motivations and the hidden agendas playing in the background of my life. Skillfully guided by Emily and Stephanie, I possess new skills to assist me to navigate my reality as I choose to create it. I am blessed with a new sense of connectedness with my fellow sisters, my loved ones, my fellow man and All That Is. This process has not only made me a stronger person but has enhanced my intuition and ability to facilitate healing in others. Thank you."

~ Ginny Farney


"Before participating in the Priestess Process I struggled with feelings of inadequacy, fear of failing and also being overly judgmental of myself and even others. This process helped me embrace my shadow aspects and not bury them inside. I feel so much more connected to the Divine and calmer in my own skin!"

~ Brittany McCormack

"I was in a very dark place for a number of years. This process helped me allow myself back out of the box and into my life again as an active participant. There are tools in this process that are beneficial to everyone. I’m glad I found this process and, in turn, myself." 

~ Angela Irvin


"Before participating in the Priestess Process, I struggled with self-love, patience and compassion for myself. I had many patterns rooted in childhood and early adulthood that were holding me back from being my authentic self. These impressions and expectations where creating so much stress in my life. Going through this process was a breakthrough in the emotional healing I needed. While doing the emotional work was not all unicorns and rainbows, I feel it was essential for the healing and clarity I now have. I can see the root causes and have been able to break several habits. While this is still a work in progress, I am finding it easier to not get sucked into the old routines and rid my day of things not serving me. I have had big and unexpected shifts this last year and have been able to handle those changed with more easy and less stress. I am now able to move forward using my passions to create a business to better serve my community. I feel empowered and have a new found gratitude and joy for life."             

~  Misty L.

"The death/rebirth process was empowering beyond measure! The whole journey was AMAZING!"

~ Phyllis Peterson


"Before participating in the Priestess Process I had lost my mojo and passion for life. I was holding back in relationships and fearful about change. After completing the Priestess Process, I feel more trusting and brave about relationships and life in general."                                                                                  

~ Patti Klinge

"I am overjoyed to have had the opportunity to work the Priestess Process! It has helped me cover leaps and bounds in my personal life and relationships and in my relationship to myself. I am showing up stronger, brighter and more fully myself as a result of the work we did over the course of 9 months. I feel like a woman reborn!"

~ Devin Gerling

"This process exceeded my wishes/expectations. As deep and intense as any shamanic process I've done (and I've done plenty) I can now appreciate the portal I/we chose to walk through and my courage to stay the course and allow this mystery to unfold, to do the work and to honor all my fears, doubts, sorrow, insights and growth.Thank you for never rescuing anyone, for allowing and honoring each one's process and projections and emotions. You are quite adept, Stephanie, at opening and holding a sacred portal and guiding us on each weekend. Thank you!"

~ Mary Porter


"Before participating in the Priestess Process I struggled with the concept that it went against my theological upbringing and my faith as I understood and experienced it up to that point. After going through the process, I realized it expanded my faith and my spiritual understanding, not contradicted it. I felt much freer to express myself and to open my heart to love more and to know my authentic self."

~ Paula Vogt

"I would say the process surpassed my expectations. It left me with all of the tools and support to continue working on myself for years and years to come. Through the process I was able to see through all of my disguises and distractions and cut to the core of who I am and what holds me back." 

~ Hester Black


"I struggled with abusive relationships. I ended my relationship that was harming me. I learned I was worthy of love just being me. I don't have to do anything to be loved. I am love. I'm committed to myself. This process helped me see many energies within my shadow that created this terrible wounding. I carried that crap for so many years. My reality is a more positive experience. I'm able to use the Law of Attraction to my advantage for my life, the life of my family and my community."

~ Honour Miller

"I was looking for self-empowerment and it went beyond the beyond for me." 

~ Sabrina Largen
(shown  in the banner during her emergence ceremony)

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