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The Ideal Initiate Checklist

The Ideal Initiate Checklist

Initiates aligned with the frequency of the Embodied Priestess Process™ should resonate with the following qualities:


  • Willing to do her own deep spiritual work, wherever it takes her.

  • Willing to take responsibility for her own activation, growth and actions.

  • Desires to be a conduit for the return of the divine feminine to the planet.

  • Willing to hold space for her own growth and transformation as well as for her sisters.

  • Desires deeply to heal the split between the masculine and feminine, restoring balance between these two energies within herself and in her relationships.

  • Willing to recognize when she is projecting, is in a state of resistance, or when her ego is taking control.

  • Desires to live in harmony with the rhythms and cycles of nature as well as honoring her own rhythms and cycles.

  • Willing to invite the sacred into all aspects of life, from the magical to the mundane.

  • Values building strong, lasting relationships with other women based in mutual respect, openness, trust and genuine caring for one another.

  • Willing to be vulnerable and share her true, authentic self.

  • Ready to do her sacred work on the planet, even if she doesn’t yet know what that entails.

  • Willing to stand in her own truth, listen to her own guidance, and clearly speak her own truth while allowing others to do the same.

  • Understands that her experience will be unique and different from her sister’s, and is always exactly what she needs for her highest growth and learning.

  • Willing to heal and release patterns of thought and behavior that no longer serve her whether from the collective consciousness, her own family lineage or this present lifetime.

  • Desires to experience and fully claim herself as her own spiritual authority, trusting her own guidance, wisdom and intuition.

  • Willing to create and support an environment free of projections, gossip, secrecy and judgment.

  • Ready to embrace radical self-care as a central theme in her life.

  • Willing to experiment, step outside the box and create a new vision of her highest self without judgment.

  • Willing to allow the mystery of creation to unfold and, in so doing, recognize when her fixation on perfection or judgment impedes the flow.

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