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Priestess Process Disclaimer

By participating in this process you agree to the following disclaimer and release: (To be signed during the first weekend)

By registering for the Embodied Priestess Process™ I acknowledge the program is for personal growth and not designed to provide medical, psychological or mental diagnosis or treatment. I also acknowledge that this program may trigger past trauma, repressed emotions or strong emotional reactions and that I am of sound mental health to be able to handle the emotional nature of this work, not be a danger to myself or others, and take responsibility for my needs.

I am voluntarily participating in the Embodied Priestess Process™ and am participating entirely at my own risk.  Further, I acknowledge that I am ultimately responsible for holding the container for myself during this process, which means I take responsibility for obtaining and paying for any necessary therapies for myself if the need arises at anytime during the process. 

I also acknowledge that no implied or expressed guarantees have been made as to the results of this process. Moreover, I affirm that I am under no medical, mental, or other disability nor have any other reason that may impair my ability to participate in this program.

Registrant waives any and all rights of action against Stephanie Red Feather and any apprentice(s) and Blue Star Temple.  All content is copyright Stephanie Red Feather, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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