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Embodiment is the process of giving your spirit a home.

Our level of embodiment determines how present we are in our bodies and how much of our own life force energy we have access to. Most people walk around with some degree of disembodiment and don't even know it!

Why is it so important to be conscious of our level of embodiment? Because when we are not fully embodied our regular life experiences can include:​ 

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  • Feelings of depression

  • Being spacey

  • Having trouble focusing

  • Difficulty making decisions

  • Exhaustion

  • Lack of motivation or desire

  • Physical clumsiness or uncoordination

  • Not being able to complete projects

  • Frequent injuries or accidents

  • Disillusionment.............just to name a few!

In this manual you'll learn:

  • What embodiment is

  • Why embodiment is so important

  • Why we would ever leave our bodies in the first place

  • The dangers of being half-embodied

  • What spiritual bypass is

  • How leaving our body is a short-term solution that inadvertently became a long-term pattern

  • If it's ever okay to leave your body

  • Symptoms of disembodiment

  • Practices for becoming fully embodied

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Plus, there's dozens of interactive exercises, assessments, journaling questions and more to help you engage with the material at an experiential level. Here's a peek inside...

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This downloadable PDF contains over 50 pages of information and activities! And it's not just a "one-and-done" kind of guide. You can come back to this many times over because, as dynamic beings, we are always changing. Each time you engage with this material you can gauge your progress, see what has shifted, and make any needed course corrections.

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'...practical, easy-to-follow and fun...'

"I've learned so much about being an empath from Stephanie Red Feather. She's helped guide me to understand why I feel so alone and frustrated in the world so much. It's not a weakness, it's a superpower of sensitivity! However, it's one that requires attention and cultivation in order to be a shining gift in the world rather than a reason to retreat.


Stephanie's embodiment guidebook is a practical, easy-to-follow and fun guide to help an empath or energetically sensitive person shift habits or life environments that may be working against them so they can show up more fully and be in their body. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to understand themselves more deeply and be grounded their life."

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~ Andy Swindler

Purpose Coach+Consultant & Social Entrepreneur

This manual is the perfect companion if you like self-paced exploration. Spend time with the concepts that really engage you and breeze past the exercises that don't feel as meaningful in the moment. Meditate, do ceremony, fold it into your spiritual or energetic practices, explore more deeply in your daily journaling. Come back to the exercises as often as you like.

If you like guided meditations, I recommend a couple of tracks that would be excellent complements to this material: Help! I'm Totally Ungrounded and Chakra Balancing & Embodiment Meditation.

Purchase your copy of The Embodiment How-To Manual and Workbook now!


You get everything in this PDF (over 50 pages of information, surveys, assessments, journaling questions, illustrations, practices and more) for only $25.00. 

Interested in personalized support as you go through this workbook? You can purchase the workbook PLUS a 45-minute private coaching session with me. Once you purchase, I'll contact you through email to set up our session. This is a great opportunity to work through the material of the manual and then use me for areas where you got stuck or need clarification, or to receive advice on specific embodiment practices.

The Embodiment How-To Manual and Workbook
PDF download

The Embodiment How-To Manual and Workbook
PDF download
PLUS a 45-minute private coaching session

This manual was created from my personal life journey with embodiment and lived experiences. This isn't "head knowledge." This is body-felt wisdom. Wisdom that I want to share with you so that you can heal, reclaim your energy, apply your full life force and live the juicy, joyful, embodied life you were meant to live.

Get your copy of The Embodiment How-To Manual and Workbook today!

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