Meditations For Every Day (M.E.D.s)

There are times when we can facilitate ourselves through a challenging moment. But aren't there times when you just want someone else to guide you?

That's why I created M.E.D.s.: Meditations for Every Day. Sometimes you just want to relax, not have to think or figure out what to do, and allow someone else to guide you. 

Most of these meditations are 15-30 minutes. Long enough to shift your state of being, but not so long that it feels like an impractical time commitment. A few will be longer if you desire a deeper or more thorough experience.

Choose From...


Help! I'm Overwhelmed and I've Lost My Center

This meditation is for those times when you get overwhelmed, overstimulated and can't hear your own voice. When we are stressed and our nervous system is overloaded, it can make us feel ungrounded and we have great difficulty staying in our center. This guided journey will take you through a series of clearing exercises, several activities to recall your energies back to you, and will leave you refreshed, clear and re-centered.

(Length: 26:34)


Connecting With the Divine Masculine Part 1

The Divine Masculine is a high-frequency template that can be used to offer your inner masculine a new job description as well as harmonize the dynamics of your inner-sacred marriage. This meditation offers an infusion of the Divine Masculine blueprint, which is focused on creating safety, holding space and witnessing without judgment. This journey also includes activation of a Divine Masculine medicine piece. 

(Length: 24:38)


Connecting With the Divine Masculine Part 2: Application of the Divine Masculine

In this follow-on to Connecting With the Divine Masculine Part 1, you are lead through a series of real-world practical scenarios where you can apply the Divine Masculine energies to support you in asking for what you need, saying no, speaking your truth and drawing boundaries.

(Length: 20:50)


Heart Transmission From Our Star Relatives

Speaking in spirit language, I offer myself as a channel to transmit a high-level heart activation from our Star relatives. The transmission includes integration of the "As above so below" mysteries, a spine and DNA activation, and a transmission from Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu.

(Length: 17:59)


Chakra Balancing and Embodiment Meditation

This is an extended meditation guiding you through a thorough clearing both up and down the chakra system, resulting in an energized, balanced, and clear-flowing energy system and a feeling of greater embodiment as your life force moves throughout your entire body. If you need a chakra system "roto-rooter," this will do it!

(Length: 38:04)


Help! I'm Totally Ungrounded

When you are feeling ungrounded, spacey, out of your body and off your center, this meditation offers multiple effective tools for calming your system, coming back into your body, and plugging your roots back into the earth.

(Length: 16:21)


How To Make Decisions With Your Heart

Do you long to get back in touch with your heart and remember how to use it to guide you in your daily life? As we move forward on our collective path of ascension, we are evolving from a time of being ruled by the “head” into a time of being heart-centered. This is synonymous with listening to our feelings and intuition. For those of us eager to step into the new consciousness, it can be scary because we don’t have a lot of models or mentors to help us through this transition.

In this meditation, I start by giving you a brief explanation of the difference between the head and the heart in Track One (using the masculine and feminine archetype – or left brain and right brain) to give you a context. The guided meditation (Track Two) then takes you through a powerful visualization that you can apply to ANY decision you are trying to make. You can use this meditation over and over in any decision – no matter how large or small!

(Length: Track One: 5:04 / Track Two: 21:43 / Total: 26:47)

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