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Soul Sourcing the New Year
Due to unforeseen circumstances, this workshop has been canceled. I appreciate your interest!

Are you looking for a spirit-infused, guided process to help you create completion with 2021 and download your soul-sourced vision for 2022?

I know you have plenty of skills for bringing your vision into form by yourself. I find that when someone holds space for me, I can put 100% of my energy into receiving (visions, downloads, ideas, timing, etc.) and that is so valuable because it creates undistracted, dedicated space for my vision to develop more fully and clearly.

Let me hold space for your 2022 vision process!


I'm offering a 2-part workshop on Saturday, January 8th where we’ll create a container of mutual support and encouragement, and invite in our highest vision for 2022.


Register for either session or both!

SESSION #1: Guided Group Self-Chaneling

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This session is all about guiding you through a process of self-channeling to receive messages from your soul, spiritual team, ancestors or whomever you choose to call forward.


Everyone is welcome! Whether you're looking for guidance in your business, personal life, relationships, health or any other aspect of life, you are in charge of the focus.

We'll start by setting the energetic container and making introductions to coalesce and harmonize the group field. I'll set the stage by introducing the method (Voice Dialog), context, and what to expect. Then I'll do a live demo with one individual so you can see the process in action.


We'll conclude with me facilitating the group in an individual self-channeling experience. (BTW, this is not unconscious will be conscious the whole time.) And of course there will be time for a bit of sharing at the end.


DETAILS of Session #1


Date: Saturday, January 8

Time: 11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. CST

Workshop fee: $44

After registration, you'll receive the zoom link and other preparatory instructions.

SESSION #2: Playshop

This is not a hard-edged, make-it-happen, “crush it” kind of process! It is a balanced approach where we’ll:

  • engage both the left and right brain

  • call in our highest guides

  • connect with our soul

  • make space for inspiration

  • engage our imagination in sacred play

  • and invite what is seeking to express through us to coalesce into clarity and intention

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This visioning process is for both men and women, and applicable whether you’re seeking soul direction for your business or personal life (or both).

We'll engage in a combination of processes utilizing both left and right brain activities and then synthesize everything together at the end by making use of a powerful grid which you will anoint and activate.


DETAILS of Session #2


Date: Saturday, January 8

Time: 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. CST

Workshop fee: $66

After registration, you'll receive the zoom link and other preparatory instructions.

REGISTER for Session #1 ONLY - $44

Soul Sourcing the New Year

Session #1 - Self-Channeling

REGISTER for Session #2 ONLY - $66

Soul Sourcing the New Year

Session #2 - Playshop

REGISTER for BOTH Sessions - $97

Soul Sourcing the New Year

Both Sessions + Bonus!

Register for both sessions by December 31st and receive

Ten Ceremonies to Birth the New Earth!

These ritual suggestions are designed for any creative process and are perfect for working with new year intentions.


If there is something you are desiring to vision, birth, bring forward, change, or begin, ceremony is an excellent way to physically enact your intentions and what you are seeing on the etheric planes.

Birth New Earth 10 Ceremonies cover.jpg

I find guided processes to be so valuable because I can give myself over to receiving 100% (instead of trying to be the facilitator AND the facilitated.) Even if you are quite capable of taking yourself through your own visioning process, consider giving yourself the gift of being facilitated so you can focus all your attention on the energies, messages and visions that are coming into your field of awareness.

Have a business partner? Spouse? Entrepreneur friend? Please consider sharing this invitation with one or two people who you feel could benefit from a guided, spirit-led, visioning process.

Register now!

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