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Soar with these 35+ sacred storytellers as they share personal tales of spirit animals appearing to them in real life, in dreams, or symbolically, to share their mystical yet practical medicine. Experience how these spiritual allies can guard, aid, heal, and guide you in the most unexpected and delightful ways, including:


- a jaguar that restores hope to a heartbroken woman.

- an otter that instills confidence in a young single mom.

- a family of whales that washes away fear and inspires an awe for life.

- a poison dart frog that cautions about caring for our air and water.

- a coyote that warns a man of his friend's deception.

- a moth that teaches of grief, loss, and eternal love.


In Stephanie's story, "Owl Muse" (which you can find on page 125) she talks about how an owl came to be the muse for her first book.

Your purchase includes a signed copy with a personalized inscription from Stephanie!


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Animals: Personal Tales of Encounters with Spirit Animals

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