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Life Intent Workshop
Using Shamanic Astrology Concepts

Thank you so much for registering for my Life Intent workshop! I'm so excited to share this powerful information with you and support you in getting clarity on your purpose and next steps.

First things first!

The course materials will be hosted in a platform called Ruzuku - it is where I host all of my workshops and programs.

You must register in Ruzuku to gain access to all the course materials. Go there now to do that!

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Second, I need the following information as soon as possible so I can create your natal chart (which you'll get a copy of). Please email me the following information:

  • Your birth date

  • Your exact birth time

  • Your birth location (city, state, country)

Everything else you need to know will be on the welcome page and in the course materials in Ruzuku. Let me know if you have any questions! I'll see you October 2!

P.S. Depending on when you register, some of the course handouts may or may not be in the course materials yet as I am still finalizing and populating the course materials. Not to worry! You'll have access to everything you need in time for the workshop.

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