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Here's a collection of free instructional videos and other items to help you on your path.

In this 10-min video I'll show you how to use a pendulum, including how to use your body as a pendulum.

In this 14-min video you'll learn several tech-niques for clearing your nervous system and energy of intense, overwhelming emotions.

Sometimes we can be like a dog with a bone when we so badly want something. Here's a key perspective to keep in mind.

In this 4-min video I explain a key concept to help you understand why you "keep dealing with the same issue" (except you're not!)

Discover your next read! I'm blessed to have many friends who are authors and in this video I share their works with you.

In this 10-min video I'll show you a powerful 5-minute foot routine to activate & connect to all the organs & systems in your body.

In the shamanic tradition I practice, called the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, this is a mesa (altar) invocation that came to me one day in song, so I recorded it as a medicine gift.

FREE! Sensitive souls need radical self-care. Download your free manual, join the tribe of evolutionary empaths, and stay in touch with the latest from Stephanie!

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