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Activate Your Sacred Role As Heart-Driven Pioneer In The New Earth Consciousness 
Friday - Sunday, December 6-8, 2019 at the Hollis Center near Kansas City, MO
Friends, due to a prolonged illness (from which I am still recovering) I am rescheduling this workshop for sometime in the Spring. Stay tuned for the new date!

My fellow empath, you are not alone.

And despite what you might have been told there is nothing wrong with you. You have a gift, but it comes with a set of challenges to master.


And it won't take a genie to grant you these wishes, either. You'll just need someone who's walked that path ahead of you and knows how to help you navigate the trail.

Before we know how to handle the extra input, we can run into trouble like:​

Dear Sensitive Soul,

You know you're different, don't you?


You've always suspected you were more sensitive than everyone else around you. You don't process emotions, stimulus or experiences like others. You're in tune with things that other people can't see, feel or sense. You probably even know that you are an empath.

rainbow eye harry-quan.jpg

Wherever you are in your understanding of what it is to be an empath, I imagine you had to fight hard to find the tools and skills you needed to accept your uniqueness and be able to function on any kind of "normal" level. Compassion and support from others were probably even harder to come by. Let's face it...most of us didn't have parents, teachers or mentors who recognized our special abilities or knew how to guide us. Let alone bosses or lovers who understood us.

Being an empath is usually a lonely, confusing, isolated and overwhelming road of being misunderstood, judged and dismissed as weak, too sensitive, unreliable, unstable or fragile (I've been called all them). If you are still breathing, then I know the journey you have been on to get where you are, to keep going, and to even thrive and experience success in this insensitive world. 

Yet somewhere deep inside, you probably still have a nagging question...

...Why am I like this?

And why am I What are these crazy sensitivities supposed to do for me? Is there a bigger purpose?


And how am I supposed to have anything that resembles a joyful, satisfying, passionate life I'm in love with - and that I can sustain - when I can barely make it through the grocery store without crawling under the cart and sucking my thumb?

I feel you my friend. And I have answers for you.

woman in grocery cart.jpg

What is an empath, exactly?


Empaths are people who are highly sensitive to their environment, and especially the emotions of others, often without realizing it. They have big hearts and are able to plug into the subtle energetic grid of pretty much every life force around them, from family to animals to angels and to the earth herself. (We'll discuss the definition in much greater detail during the workshop.)


This is an aptitude you’re born with, but most empaths learn to hide their empathic nature, develop wicked coping skills, and put on a mask to look ‘okay.’ As an unconscious empath (meaning we don't know we're an empath) we tend to live from the unhealthy, shadow aspects of our empathic abilities. Our extra sensory skills are often forged in the fires of judgment, confusion, misconception and isolation.

Before we know how to handle all the input and stimulus from the world around us, we can run into trouble like:​

  • Difficulty determining where you end and the next person begins; losing yourself in relationships

  • Taking on other people’s emotions and habits, without being aware you’ve done it

  • Over-giving, over-delivering, putting everyone else’s needs before your own

  • Trouble drawing healthy boundaries and saying ‘no’

  • Feeling fragile, moody or unstable

  • Struggling with your sense of self-identity (it feels easier to be what others want you to be)

  • Feeling *everything* other people’s ‘bad days’ become yours, you take on everyone else’s burdens


Sound familiar?

man with head in hand albert-dera.jpg

Empath, you are meant for something greater


Sometimes it might feel like this ‘gift’ is a liability, a problem we have to overcome. Something we have to invest outrageous amounts of time, energy and effort to counteract just to be able to cope and experience some semblance of normalcy in our daily lives.


But in reality, our empathic nature is a powerful aid to do our sacred work in the world.


I believe we empaths have a greater purpose - that we are here to contribute to the evolution of humanity, ushering in the next phase of human expansion: heart-centered consciousness.          

- Stephanie Red Feather

As an empath, you possess a refined energetic system, and it's no accident, fluke, or curse from an angry god. Your special energetic configuration makes you perfectly designed to anchor the new human blueprint into the earth's grid. Empaths are uniquely constructed to hold this vibrational frequency and act as way-showers of expanding consciousness. There is a reason you are the way you are!

Whatever your profession or ambition - no matter how grand or modest - your contribution makes a difference. The world is affected simply by you being here. Imagine how much that contribution could be amplified (as well as your fulfillment and joy!) by consciously embracing your empathic nature and cosmic mission?!

couple looking at earth and stars.jpg

Now more than ever, this planet needs the healing magic of divine feminine energy. The feminine archetype includes the traits of intuition, compassion, sensitivity, cooperation, gentleness, collaboration, and nurturing. As empaths, we have these traits in spades!

But we can’t harness our power if we’re consumed by the unhealthy aspects of these same qualities - codependence, over-giving, struggling with boundaries, losing our sense of self, taking on everyone else's stuff, pretending to feel ‘fine,’ and feeling depleted. And further, we won't have the energy and motivation to sustain us if we're trapped in the disillusionment  that can come from feeling out of place and disconnected from our greater purpose.

Most of us need to be shown how to:

  • draw clear boundaries

  • take time for nourishing self-care

  • validate our own self-worth

  • tend to our energetic hygiene

  • navigate relationships in a healthy, conscious way

  • manage our sensitive energy fields 

  • say no

  • harness our life force energy for us


And believe me, all of these things are life-long practices...not something you learn once then check off your list. (And not something most parents teach us!) It takes continual refinement and development of these skills because we are dynamic and ever-changing beings.

woman arms universe pixaby.jpg

Mastering these life skills and    being connected to the bigger picture of why you are here in the first place are crucial in order to  fully express your gifts in a healthy and effective way and step into    your larger cosmic mission.

That is the purpose of my new 3-day workshop for sensitive souls... The Evolutionary Empath Live PractiCourse!

So what is a PractiCourse?


Well, it's a word I just made up. It's a mash-up of the words practicum and course symbolizing my signature blend of high-level perspective and rubber-meets-the-road practicality that always focuses on giving you real life tools you can apply immediately.

What kind of format and delivery can you expect? All of my live workshops are experiential and a delightful combination of teachings, activities, guided journeys, art, sharing, movement, and journaling...all inside a safe and sacred container. This fusion of experiences keeps you engaged and activates all of the different ways we learn and take in information.

More than just a workshop for empaths, this program focuses on life skills for an evolving species. This isn't stuff we were taught in school, or by our parents, employers or higher education. What you'll learn in this PractiCourse is most certainly not main stream, though it should be. You'll be given the tools, visualizations, mindsets, inspiration and practices you need to step into the joyful, passionate and confident cosmic emissary your soul signed up to be!

I created the Evolutionary Empath Live PractiCourse to help you...

  • Fortify your energy field and clear yourself of energies that aren't yours - any time, anywhere

  • Be clear and powerful in your ability to say no and draw healthy boundaries

  • Identify what is and is not yours, so you can more effectively navigate relationships with smoother sailing

  • Trust your intuition and accept - no, love! - your empathic gifts. No more doubting!

  • Live from heart consciousness

  • Practice self-care without guilt, and without sacrificing the loving, generous person you are

  • Manage your emotions in healthy, positive ways. No more overwhelm!

  • Transition from living the shadow aspect of being an unconscious empath (think victim) to thriving as a conscious empath (think empowerment!)

  • Embrace your role as a way-shower in humanity’s journey of ascension

man fire energy field.jpg
happy couple kiss on temple.jpg
woman jumping silhouette.jpg

Empath, are you ready to take the leap?

woman w hand outstretched

If you are ready to reclaim your life force energy for you, live from the beauty and magic of your empathic gifts, activate your soul's mission, and embrace your cosmic role as way-shower of evolving consciousness...then you're ready for the Evolutionary Empath Live PractiCourse!

Your investment for this phenomenal weekend is $325. However, if you register by Wednesday November 27 (the day before Thanksgiving), your tuition is only $275.

Want to save even more? Register with a friend! Two people can register together for $525.


Do you know another sensitive soul who could benefit from these teachings? As empaths, we need to stand together and support one another. I want to share this information with as many people as possible to help them live a more fulfilling and conscious life as an empath.  I wish I could have attended this program 20 years ago when my spiritual awakening began!


Please feel free to invite someone to check this program out or consider registering with a friend, relative or spouse.

Here's the general schedule for our time together:

Friday, December 6

2:00 - 6:00 p.m.

Saturday, December 7

10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Sunday, December 8

10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


We'll be at the Hollis Center just west of Kansas City surrounded by the peace and support of nature. The Hollis grounds include woods, beautiful fields, creeks, a labyrinth, hiking trails and delicious seclusion to help us set the sacred container for our work together. Specifically we'll be in the Meadow Cottage which has a lovely great room and a full kitchen. Please be sure to bring your own lunch and snacks! (I'll have hot tea available. More instructions will be provided upon registration.)

This workshop is not in-residence, which means you'll drive home each night and come back each morning. You are welcome to get a hotel on your own (the Hollis Center might have some rooms, but you would have to contact them directly to find out) or stay with a friend nearby.

In addition I'll have copies of my book available for purchase (The Evolutionary Empath: A Practical Guide for Heart Centered Consciousness, $18) as well as jewelry, art and other goodies.

Register soon as space is limited to 20 participants. I like an intimate group so we can connect on a deeper level and have plenty of time for individual sharing.


Registration closes at 6:00 p.m. CST on Thursday, December 5.

Meadow Cottage.jpg

This is going to be an amazing weekend and I am so delighted and honored to be able to share my tools and perspective with you!

Questions? Shoot me an email.

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