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To Be Here Or Not

At such an instrumental time in the trajectory of our species, it is more important than ever that we make a clear choice.


A choice to be here or not.

Yes, your body is here. But are you in your body? I mean really, fully inhabiting your entire being? Is your life force energy being applied to your passions, creative pursuits, relationships, soul purpose? Or is it hidden, retracted or leaking out into the ethers?


It is challenging to show up every day with presence and full embodiment. And if you choose to be here - every drop of you - then at a soul level you are committing to what you came here to do.

In other words, you came here to bring forward your full potential as creator on earth. To experience yourself as "God in a bod." In the book Friendship with God, God says "Every act is an act of self-definition."

How are you defining yourself?

And I don't mean what mark you are leaving on the world, what reputation you are cultivating, what legacy you are leaving behind or what you are accumulating.

I mean, in every moment, who are you choosing to be?

Participant in
Earth Embodiment School engaging nature to anchor intentions

You came here with big ideas. But if you have found yourself stuck, get started but can't finish, experience confusion or lethargy, talk yourself out of your dreams or can't find the focus and motivation to see your creations through, then my friend, you aren't fully in your body.

Just about every one of us walks around only partially embodied and we don't even know it. It takes great effort, consciousness and courage to be fully embodied and even more to stay that way on a regular basis. Through the combination of traumatic and disappointing life experiences, we have shut down much of our life force. Why? Because it can be overwhelming and painful to fully inhabit ourselves. Our stored traumas, woundings and shadow stay comfortably hidden in our lower chakras when we choose not to fully embody.

Yet there's a part of you aching to be set free. Your soul knows there's more you came here to be. You may not even know what it is that's holding you back, but I can assure you, learning to fully inhabit yourself is a major key in unleashing and experiencing the full capacity of your passion and vision for your life and in your ability to take action and see your dreams through to completion.

Are you ready to:

  • Be seen and heard?

  • Speak your needs more clearly and directly, yet with gentleness and respect?

  • Know yourself as a creator?

  • Be deeply fulfilled by who you are on the inside, not by what happens on the outside?

  • Discover where you hide out?

  • Bring more of your creations into form and finish what you start?

  • Unleash yourself — all your creativity and passion — on the world?

  • Take action in the face of fear instead of letting fear stop you?

  • Live unapologetically?

  • Stop making yourself small?

  • Develop the charisma and magnetism you know you possess?


Earth Embodiment School is the vehicle that can unlock all of these treasures for you.


So What Exactly Is Embodiment?


Embodiment is the degree to which you are fully inhabiting yourself. It is your life force that animates you. Without that life essence, you are dead.

Yet through the accumulation of life experiences, we make an unconscious decision that it is safer to leave our bodies in times of trauma and pain, so we retract our life force energy, like pulling roots out of the ground. It is actually a protective measure — a coping mechanism — that your psyche employs to keep you from experiencing the intensity and pain of a particular trauma.

The problem develops when you STAY disembodied, or only partially embodied as a daily state of being. Being out of your body to some degree or another as a permanent state leads to depression and a lackluster life. Not to mention just being simply unfulfilled. Most of us are walking around "half dead" because we have grown so accustomed to the trickle of life force that we're actually running that we don't even recognize we're operating at half power.

Do you find yourself:

  • battling depression

  • acting spacey or absent-minded

  • feeling lost

  • having trouble focusing

  • struggling with making decisions

  • exhausted when you don't have a clear reason to be

  • lacking motivation or desire

  • deficient in your ability to follow through

  • uncoordinated or physically clumsy

  • not being able to complete projects

  • experiencing minor injuries or accidents

  • disillusioned

  • being unable to manifest or bring your creations fully into form

  • feeling like an outsider


These are all symptoms of being disembodied.

When we are not fully embodied, it's like we're operating at a diminished capacity. When we're not drawing enough "amps" to power our body, our life and our creations, then the lights are constantly flickering and there's not enough "juice" to get the job done. We can't count on a consistent flow of power so things run in fits and spurts.

Our life force energy is tied directly to Universal life force energy, which is unlimited. While we are plugged into our human bodies, we have full access to — literally — the power of the Universe. But we get in our own way. We shut our transformers down. We choke off our life force.

Why Is Embodiment So Important?

Our mission is to learn how to bring our connection with Spirit down all the way into our body. To fully inhabit ourselves — the muck, the beauty, the fear, the love, the agony, the ecstasy, and everything in between. To feel our feelings. To ride the sublime roller coaster of the natural rhythms and cycles of our human existence. To embrace the exquisite joy and agony of our frailty and our magnificence. To be a human bridge between spirit and matter.

Our true power and strength comes from inhabiting ALL of ourselves. And our greatest power? Well, it lies hidden within our shadow, the parts of us we don't want to look at or admit exists. When we can face our fears, love the parts of us we believe are unlovable, confront the stuff that scares us the most, and own every bit of who we are — good, bad and ugly — then we multiply exponentially our ability to walk through this world fully grounded, present and hiding from no one.

Connecting with our joy and childlike wonder

What Will You Learn In Earth Embodiment School?


I am passionate about you experiencing yourself as the creator you came here to be. I want to help you remove the blocks to full embodiment so you can apply your full life force energy to every endeavor in your life and really show up. We will hold the space together to identify, love and release the experiences of trauma, abuse, abandonment and the effects of the messages you internalized from childhood. In their place we will reclaim the power and passion of each chakra gateway. AND we will unlock and activate the original coding in your spiritual DNA that holds the keys of who you came here to be.

This mystery school will give you the tools and kinesthetic experiences to help you become more embodied and to recognize for yourself when you are and are not fully inhabiting yourself. In this way you have the power to make a new choice in each and every moment, living your life more deliberately and with full awareness. We'll dive into symptoms of chronic disembodiment, learn why it's so hard to fully embody, and rehearse loads of daily practices you can engage in to be more present inside yourself. Through ceremony and direct experience you will begin to integrate your full life force essence and learn to hold the energetic container for your bigness.

We will also give ourselves permission — permissions to feel, to forgive, to release, to have big dreams, and permission to be ourselves.


This mystery school will make use of wisdom teachings, channeling, guided visualizations, journaling exercises, movement and dance, living ceremony, group discussion, therapeutic art, and much more to help you get — at a kinesthetic, cellular, and soul level — what embodiment is and how to practice it.


Who Can Participate?

Anyone 18 years or older is welcome to engage in Earth Embodiment School. It is open to both men and women.

And, it doesn't matter where you are on your spiritual journey or how much inner work you have done. There is always more to discover! There is always the next layer. There is always the next version of you that you are being called into. Spirit will meet you wherever you are and take you through the individual initiatory portal that your spirit is ready to walk through.

If you:

  • miss being in circle;

  • love those deep processes that give you that precious time to go deep within, explore, release, heal, grown and transform;

  • know you're being called to your next level of growth, healing and expression, even if you don't know what that means for you;

  • miss the unique dynamic of sharing your journey and supporting and being supported by a spiritual community of like-spirited folks;

  • desire to have opportunities for profound downloads and epiphanies;

  • respond profoundly to ceremony and ritual;

  • love working with the energies of "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts";

Then this process is for you.

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