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Your Bonus Materials


Thank you for choosing to work with me!

I am honored to support you in your spiritual journey.

Your 8-week package comes with three
 bonuses, which you can access  below. These are supplemental materials that I will reference during our work together.

As a refresher, all coaching packages include:

  • Tailored assignments such as journaling questions, suggestions for ceremony or exercises to support the work we're doing. And of course, a thorough follow-up email after each session.

  • Dedicated space-holding. While we are working together, I will hold space for you on my mesa (Peruvian altar), including a specially selected medicine piece that represents you.

  • Oracle and stone helpers. At the beginning of each session I pull a card and select a stone helper (it selects me, really) to support you during our time together.

  • Email/text support. Ask questions or share an experience in between sessions.

  • A response within 24-48 hours unless it is a weekend, holiday or I am on retreat.

Chakra Balancing & Embodiment Meditation

This is an extended meditation guiding you through a thorough clearing both up and down the chakra system, resulting in an energized, balanced, and clear-flowing energy system and a feeling of greater embodiment as your life force moves throughout your entire body. If you need a chakra system "roto-rooter," this will do it!

Note: this meditation is best when listened to through headphones so you can receive the full effect of the binaural beats that accompany the meditation.

(Length: 38:04)

Embodiment How-To Manual & Workbook

Embodiment is an important part of any person's journey as a spiritual being having a human experience. But embodiment is especially important for empaths because our sensitivities often keep us disembodied to some degree because the world can feel so harsh.


This downloadable PDF contains over 50 pages of information and activities. Based on your needs and the focus of your coaching package, I'll most likely ask you to work through part or all of this manual.

Download the workbook here!

Embodiment Manual Cover reduced.jpg

A Comprehensive Comparison of Masculine & Feminine Archetypal Qualities

Masculine feminine sitting reduced.jpg

Comprehensive comparison of

masculine and feminine archetypal qualities

During our coaching time, I know the concept of the masculine and feminine will come up. This 4-page document is a very handy reference that lists the masculine/left-brain qualities and the feminine/right-brain qualities so you can begin to familiarize yourself with them and start to develop an intimate relationship with both your inner masculine and feminine.

Download the list here!

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