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Smudge Fans and Medicine Pieces

I love the creative process, and working with natural elements is especially meaningful to me. Once or twice a year I make batches of smudge fans and medicine pieces. I allow the feathers, fur, crystals and other elements to speak to me and determine which pieces want to be paired together in unique combination. They are made with love, reverence and with the intention of supporting you powerfully.

Items are sold on a first-come first-served basis. Because I do this so infrequently, it takes too much time to set up automatic pricing and payment, so contact me right away to ensure you reserve the one(s) you want. Then we'll discuss payment and shipping or pick-up.

NOTE: If you live in the Kansas City area, I highly encourage you to consider picking up your medicine piece as it will save on shipping. To ensure I have enough packing material to protect these delicate treasures, and because some of them are long (thus larger boxes), shipping can get substantial. I often have to build a box and try to keep the shipping box as small as possible while still providing a good buffer on all sides of the piece. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

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Marble Surface

'Absolutely Stunning'

"The fans arrived today. The photos do not do them justice.  They are absolutely stunning!  So powerful I could feel them through the box.  I feel truly blessed to have received them.  A deep bow of gratitude for your inspired work."

~ Laura Kuykendall

'A Natural Extension of Me'

"The medicine fan I received from Stephanie had the feel that it was crafted just for me. When I used it in ceremony for the first time it felt like it was a natural extension of me for doing clearing work. A very powerful medicine tool that I now have the honor of caretaking. Such beautiful medicine."

~ Keith Caplin


If you love all things Christmas, then this little red, white and green beauty is ready to go home with you and bring magic throughout the year! Hand-cut beaded fringe, white rabbit fur, and a few sparkles set off the snowy white feathers.


(Ask for CH1)

This one is bright and powerful, with yellow feathers on a cow vertebrae handle. Two beaded medallions and beaded fringe  nod in reverence to Native American red, black, white and yellow.



A delightful collection of stones and native elements (such as buffalo and arrow head) adorn this pheasant wing on leather handle. Feathered tassel​ and natural bone and wood details.



Canada Goose, Chicken, and striking red feathers are set on a painted wooden handle. Cinnabar and coral details accentuate the red, and rabbit fur completes the medicine.


(Ask for CG1)


This intense piece wraps around your wrist (if you're right-handed) and feels amazing when you hold it. Pheasant wing on deer antler with "double eye" detail. Rabbit fur on back.



This one definitely feels like ancestor medicine. Though it may seem a bit macabre, it is a powerhouse of a piece. Cow vertebrae with a Vulture claw. All of the beaded dangles are bones, teeth, or tribal, earthy elements. Plus 3 quartz crystals and little citrine points. Shazam!


(Ask for C2)


A beautiful turquoise and metallic painted handle sets off this partial turkey wing. Notice the crystals on either side of the feathers, plus one at the bottom. Green man guards over it along with playful rabbit fur.



This one is so cool! I love it when unusual elements come together and this pheasant wing fit perfectly with this turkey leg. The leg is actually "soft"(not scaly) and feels comfortable to hold. "Pearl" heart detail and rabbit fur set off this stunner.



Pa-Pow! This unique medicine staff is made from beaver-chewed wood with a turtle shell as centerpiece. The beaded detailing is spectacular and the blue feathers make this a stand-out piece. (Beading is only on the front.) The wishbone takes it to a whole 'nother level!

(Approximate length: 18 inches)



Pheasant wing on soft sueded leather with tribal beads and shell details. A subtle, beautiful piece.



Pheasant wing on a beautiful staff with lots of character in the wood and bark. Horse hair tassels (from a horse I know), dream catcher and beaded details. Set off with a bit of mink fur. Back side is as beautiful as the front! (Approximate length: 25 inches)


(Ask for P8)


A one-of-a-kind staff of beaver-chewed wood with a cow vertebrae centerpiece. Trimmed in beaver fur, bells, bloodstone, and lots of beaded details. Strong medicine!                               $58


A petite but potent wand made of desert rose wood (also known as bitter brush). A crystal adorns each end and a tiny jeweled sword brings strength and clarity. (Approximate length: 7 1/2")



Whoa! Pheasant wing and a coyote face make a strong statement on this painted wood handle with crystal point.



A variety of turkey feathers on a leather handle with horse hair (from a horse I know) and a striking shell medallion as a centerpiece. (Note, the "spots" on the leather are naturally occurring variations.)



A light-weight double-ended piece that feels very balanced in the hand. Quad beaver staff (made with beaver chewed branches) with beaver fur, feathered ends, and stone details. Overall length is approx. 23 inches.)                                                                           $45

                                                                                                                                           (Ask for B3)

Shooowee! Are you looking for an impact piece? It's hard to take your eyes off of this gorgeous chicken bib backed in Canada Goose feathers. Notice the elephant has crystal eyes!​ Wood handle wrapped in leather with a crystal point makes this one amazing piece. And look at the back! A huge lush piece of un-sheared beaver fur. 



OMG this one is a masterpiece of magic! Of all the ones I made this time, this is the piece I almost kept. The back is just as gorgeous as the front! Bold peacock set against a background of green feathers. Stone centerpiece with an opal cabochon and crystal point to boot. All on a bright copper painted wood handle. Topped off with a bit of white rabbit fur. Magnifique!



Cat medicine! Pheasant wing on beaver staff with a bobcat face and powerful big cat centerpiece. Bobcat tail on the back. Beaded detail at bottom of wrapped handle. Meeeoooow!

(Approximate length: 20 inches)


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