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"Soular Initiation"

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Please vote for Soular Initiation in  the 2022 COVR awards!

Stephanie Red Feather painted this piece of art as part of her 44-card oracle deck Empath Activation Cards, which is a full-color oracle deck and guidebook to activate your light codes, raise your frequency, and awaken to your cosmic mission.

Stephanie hand-painted each piece, including this one, on 8x10 canvas using acrylic paint and paint pens.


Soular Initiation is not a typo! This image is imbued with sacred geometric symbols and archetypal patterns designed to represent the initiation of solar (divine masculine) energies acting upon the soul. This artwork serves as a tool of transmission, engaging you on multiple levels of consciousness and allowing you to receive whatever activation, message, or inspiration from Source you need in the moment.

The art is intentionally embedded with activational frequencies to help you “turn on” your light codes, retrieve ancient wisdom stored in your soul’s memory from enlightened times, and transmit signals from Source, which land like seeds in the mind and flower into higher knowledge.

Oracle deck boxes w cards.jpg

Empath Activation Cards are published by Inner Traditions, Bear & Co. You can see Soular Initiation featured on the front of the box.


"From the dazzling images to the potent accompanying readings, this oracle deck is simply stunning."

"The art on each card has a 'conscious universe' sacred feeling that inhabits a multi-dimensional disposition with symbols and sacred geometry. I haven't seen anything like this deck before."

"The art is so exquisite, its frequency vibrates right off the card."

Soular Initiation earned a place of honor and prominence as the backside of the oracle cards, which you can see in the photo to the right.

All artwork, including Soular Initiation is available for purchase in 8x10 or 16x20, glossy or matte, framed or unframed formats.

If you desire a signed copy of Empath Activation Cards with a personalized inscription, purchase directly from Stephanie here.


Please vote for Soular Initiation in  the 2022 COVR awards!


Rev. Dr. Stephanie Red Feather is a divine feminine change agent and champion of empaths. A gold award-winning author of the #1 international best-seller, The Evolutionary Empath and Empath Activation Cards, her passion is to help fellow sensitive souls break out of energetic jail and become co-creators of new earth consciousness. As a shamanic minister, workshop facilitator, and prolific creator of spiritual tools, Stephanie has helped thousands to connect with their sacred self and heal their human wounds.


Stephanie is the founder and director of Blue Star Temple, an online resource for spiritual seekers to learn energetic skills, hone empathic abilities, access spiritual knowledge, and connect with cosmic consciousness. Her specialties include masculine-feminine balance, boundaries, energy hygiene, shadow work, shamanic consciousness, embodiment, and celestial mysteries. (Read full bio.)

About the Artist & Author

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