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Shamanic Breathwork

and Releasing Ceremony

Saturday, May 6   |  11:00 - 6:00 p.m.  |  Kansas City, MO

This will be a partnered breathwork

“Shamanic breathwork acted as a vehicle in which I safely addressed some of the deep traumas I experienced as a child.
My vision brought me to a healing space that I had never been to — it was a space which I had not been able to fully access via other forms of therapy. When it was over, I was left with a deep sense of abiding peace and equanimity, which stayed with me for several days, as my body processed and integrated everything that happened in the SBW experience.”

~ Walker, Hospice Worker


Is your Spirit craving an energetic reset? Is it time to shift some energy? Maybe investigate what is seeking to be birthed through you right now or receive a vision on next steps?

Then I invite you to join me for a day of journeying, healing, fellowship and ceremony!

Shamanic Breathwork (SBW) can help you access your own innate wisdom and inner guidance in a way many other therapies can’t come close to. Using a specific breathing technique, chakra-attuned music, art and energetic bodywork, SBW allows you to access a naturally induced altered state of consciousness from which your inner wisdom can lead you to the experiences you need to have for your own growth and healing.

There are several potent celestial timings coming up that will create a powerful window for releasing, healing, moving stuck energy, and gaining clarity.

First we have an eclipse portal completing:

  • The new moon total solar eclipse on Thursday/Friday April 19-20 

  • The full moon penumbral lunar eclipse on Friday May 5 

So this breathwork will happen on the heels of the final eclipse, which is also a full moon.

new moon annular solar eclipse.jpg

According to my friend and master astrologer Ruby Falconer, eclipses can be seen symbolically as a portal between the worlds, an entry point into non-ordinary time, a birth canal that delivers us from one phase of experience to another. So this will be an excellent time to access our psyche, soul, higher self, and spirit through ceremony and naturally induced altered states of consciousness.

In addition to the eclipse and full moon, Friday May 5 is also Beltane, the cross-quarter between The Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice. So we will be inside the ceremonial window of three powerful celestial events!

And, on top of all this, we'll be inside a Mercury Retrograde cycle, which is an excellent time for reflection and inner work.

If you're new to Shamanic Breathwork, click here for more information. In short, SBW is a powerful modality that can facilitate:

  • connection with your guides and higher self

  • profound releasing and healing

  • clarity of purpose

  • understanding of visions and dreams

  • transformation

  • inspiration, and much more!

glow in the dark paint face h-heyerlein_edited.jpg

During the breathwork, your inner shaman is in charge! You'll only experience what you are ready for. And, it will be in a safe and sacred container where your full expression and authenticity is encouraged. This home and land are dedicated to holding space for deep, intimate and sacred processes.

In addition to the breathwork, we will also be conducting ceremony at my apacheta (Peruvian outdoor altar made of stone- see photo). My land and temple space love supporting these kinds of processes. We have 2/3 of an acre backed up to 33 acres of a park. Tons of green space and privacy, and the trees on my land especially love being of service.

SBW can help when you’re…

  • Blocked by anxiety, stress, fear, anger, addictions, limiting beliefs and old patterns from this life or past lives

  • Living in a way that doesn’t align with your life’s purpose

  • Struggling with self-love & forgiveness

  • Needing clarity and an energetic push to make positive change

  • Desiring transformation in a specific area of your life

  • At a crossroad and seeking soul guidance and direction

Give yourself the gift of clarity and healing! (And don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.)

What To Bring

This breathwork will be conducted in pairs, so feel free to bring a friend or partner (there's also a discount for registering two people together.) And if you don't have a partner, don't worry. We'll pair unaccompanied folks up in the morning.


Shamanic Breathwork is generally conducted on the floor. You will need to bring:

  • A pallet for the floor (such as a yoga mat, blanket, cushioned mat, sleeping bag  or whatever you need to be comfortable on the floor)

  • Pillow(s) for your head

  • Additional pillows for your body comfort or to hug, if needed

  • Water/drink in a closed container

  • Journal or notebook

  • Wear comfortable clothes

  • An eye mask if you desire

  • Snacks

  • Offerings to the earth for the outdoor ceremony (sacred waters, tobacco, cornmeal, stones, crystals, whatever calls to you! Some elements will be provided. You are welcome to bring your own.)

This workshop is being held at my home in Kansas City (near I-29 and 72nd street in the North land). The address will be supplied upon registration. 

If you are ready to powerfully move some energy, connect with your higher guidance, get clarity on an issue or release old baggage, then I encourage you to come to this half-day workshop.


Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions! 

NOTE: If you're not familiar with Shamanic Breathwork, be sure to check out my Shamanic Breathwork page and FAQs

Willow tree staff.jpg
Certification Mark - Purple_edited.png

Health & Safety Protocols:

  • Body autonomy is honored - please care for yourself as needed to feel safe.

  • Masks are not required, but please feel free to wear one if you desire.

  • Be mindful about your contact with others in the week leading up to the workshop. If you have any Covid symptoms or have been exposed to someone with Covid, please respect the group by staying home.

  • Refunds will not be given after May 3

Register Now

Register Now

Single registration


Double registration


Upon registration you'll be directed to a page with my address and preparatory instructions.

If there's someone in your life you feel could benefit from shamanic breathwork, please feel free to invite them!

I look forward to supporting your journey.

With love,


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