Embrace Your Empath, Embrace Your Soul

A Private Coaching Program For Evolutionary Empaths

This program goes on sabbatical on April 1, 2019. If you've been wanting private facilitation, now is the time to enroll! I've reduced the price through the end of March!

'A Deeper, Greater Understanding'

"After completing the private ‘Embrace Your Empath’ program with Stephanie, I have a deeper and greater understanding of myself. The skills she shared and taught have empowered me to handle life challenges with greater ease and success!"

- Wendy McGraw, Buttonwood Financial Group LLC Office Manager

Do you ever wish you could ‘grow thicker skin’ because living in the world just hurts too much?


As long as we’re talking about wishes how about this one? The wish to be able to help others (because you feel their pain so deeply).


The wish to walk through the world without feeling anxious, exhausted, irritable, overwhelmed and emotional so you can use your energy to effect positive change.


The wish to let go of fear and other people's judgments of "what's wrong with you" and how you "should" be.


The wish to boldly step forward, make decisions from your own center, and love yourself deeply.


The wish to satisfy the longing in your soul that tells you you're unique for a reason and on this planet for a bigger purpose.

My fellow empath, you are not alone.

And despite what you might have been told there is nothing wrong with you. You have a gift, but it comes with a set of challenges to master.


And it won't take a genie to grant you these wishes, either. You'll just need someone who's walked that path ahead of you and knows how to help you navigate the trail.

​When you learn how to ground yourself, live from your center, set healthy boundaries, and move through the world with confidence, taking ownership of all aspects of your physical and energetic selves - that’s when you’ll be able to wield your power for good and make those wishes a reality.

What is an empath, exactly?

All of my clients are empaths, whether they know it or not.


Empaths are people who are highly sensitive to their environment, and especially the emotions of others, often without realizing it. They have big hearts and are able to plug into the subtle energetic grid of pretty much every life force around them, from family to animals to angels and to the earth herself.


These empathic traits are aptitudes you’re born with, but most empaths learn to hide their empathic nature, develop wicked coping skills, put on a mask to look ‘normal,’ and silently suffer from the unhealthy aspects of their empathic abilities. Our extra-extra sensory skills are often forged in the fires of judgment, confusion, misconception and isolation.

Before we know how to handle the extra input, we can run into trouble like:​

  • Difficulty determining where you end and the next person begins; losing yourself in relationships

  • Taking on other people’s emotions and habits, without being aware you’ve done it

  • Over-giving, over-delivering, putting everyone else’s needs before your own

  • Trouble drawing healthy boundaries and saying ‘no’

  • Feeling fragile, moody or unstable

  • Struggling with your sense of self-identity (it feels easier to be what others want you to be)

  • Feeling *everything* other people’s ‘bad days’ become yours, you take on everyone else’s burdens


Sound familiar?

'More Love, Happiness and Success'

“Being an empathic person, going through life feeling everyone else’s feelings and emotions, creates many unique challenges. I have learned to more effectively interact with outside influences and other people in my life in a more constructive, productive and healthy way. Stephanie helped me to open my heart and dig deep into my own mind to be able to manifest more love, more happiness and success in every area of my life. Working with Stephanie is one of the best gifts I’ve ever given myself!”

~ Lorna Hooper

Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer

Empaths, you are meant for something greater


Sometimes it might feel like this ‘gift’ is a liability, a problem we have to overcome, but it’s really a powerful aid to do our sacred work in the world.

I believe we empaths have a greater purpose - that we can contribute to the evolution of humanity, ushering in the next phase of human expansion: heart-centered consciousness.


As an empath, you possess a refined energetic system designed to anchor the new human blueprint into the earth's grid. Empaths are uniquely constructed to hold this vibrational frequency and act as way-showers of expanding consciousness. 

Whatever your profession or ambition - no matter how grand or modest - your contribution makes a difference. The world is affected simply by you being here. Imagine how much that contribution could be amplified (as well as your fulfillment and joy!) by consciously embracing your empathic nature and cosmic mission.


Now more than ever, this planet needs the healing magic of divine feminine energy. The feminine archetype includes the traits of intuition, compassion, sensitivity, cooperation, gentleness, collaboration, nurturing, wisdom and grace. As empaths, we have these traits in spades!

But we can’t harness our power if we’re consumed by the unhealthy aspects of these same qualities - codependence, over-giving, struggling with boundaries, losing our sense of self, pretending to feel ‘fine,’ and feeling depleted.


Most of us need to be shown how to draw clear boundaries, create a solid self-image, take time for nourishing self-care, validate our own self-worth, and manage our sensitive energy fields in order to fully express these gifts in a healthy way and step into our larger mission.


That is the purpose of my Embrace Your Empath private coaching program.

I created the Embrace Your Empath program to help empaths...

  • Fortify your energy field and clear yourself of energies that aren't yours

  • Identify what is and is not yours, so you can more effectively use your intuition to navigate relationships with smoother sailing

  • Manage your emotions in healthy, positive ways

  • Be clear and powerful in your ability to say no and draw healthy boundaries

  • Trust your intuition and use *your* emotions as your guide

  • Make empowered decisions grounded in a strong sense of self

  • Practice self-care without guilt, and without sacrificing the loving, generous person you are

  • Boost your self-confidence and self-love, and stop playing small

  • Embrace your role as a way-shower in humanity’s journey of ascension

We will connect to the morphic field of the evolutionary empath to help you draw strength, find your tribe, and connect with your true nature.

'A Leader In This Evolving Industry'

I I feel this material is a must have for anyone in the alternative healthcare business! Stephanie addresses our unique energetic challenges as light workers with fun, honor and dignity. Her insights of Spirit and business savvy distinguish her as a leader in this evolving industry.

~ Julie D'Auteuil

Wellness Advocate and Officiant

The Embrace Your Empath 17-Week Private Coaching Program

This is the most structured program I offer, but I’ve also included sections of unscripted time where we can personalize our time together around what you need.


Over the course of 17 weeks (4 full months!), we will cover topics like what it means to be an empath, how to set boundaries, tools and techniques to manage energy, how to embody your whole self, and real-world communication "here’s what to say in this situation" tools.


But this program is also part mystery school in which I share the bigger picture of why more empaths are emerging now, and how you fit into this larger context. We will connect to the morphic field of the evolutionary empath to help you draw strength, find your tribe, and connect with your true nature.

The result: A happier, healthier, balanced and grounded you who is…

  • More confident

  • Clear in your boundaries

  • Connected to your cosmic mission

  • Anchored in a strong sense of self

  • Adept at communicating your needs

  • Trusting of your own inner compass

Why am I so sure that my program can make a real difference in your life? Because I used to be where you are now. I figured out how to thrive as an empath through trial and error and much gnashing of teeth, so you get the benefit of my years of struggle, without the struggle!


And, it wasn't until I started writing my empath book (on shelves November 5, 2019) that I began to get clear about and really believe in! — our role as empaths at this point in human evolution.


I have walked every step of what I will share with you in this program.

These are the modules I will personally coach you through:

In-Depth Examination Of What An Empath Is

I will equip you with a solid, detailed definition, including the five key qualities of an empath, which will help you understand exactly what it means to be an empath.


Plus we'll cover dozens of examples of how these qualities show up in the life of an empath so you can really begin to pinpoint certain behaviors and patterns that show up in your own life. From this vantage point, you can begin to connect the dots and identify the changes you want to make.

Historical and Cosmic Context

Embracing your role as an evolutionary empath means first understanding how you fit into the bigger picture. In this module you'll gain an appreciation for who and what you are in the context of the times you've incarnated into, which will give you a world of perspective. I'll give you the historical context of empaths on earth as well as how we fit into the grand 24,000 year cycle of human ascension and descension called the Great Year.

Tools For Managing Your Energy Container

This is absolutely crucial to being able to thrive in the world as an empath. We’ll spend a good deal of time discussing all kinds of simple and effective ways to manage your energy field, clear yourself of life-draining energies, develop a daily energy hygiene practice and strengthen your energetic “container.”

Drawing Boundaries, Creating Safety and Saying No

This module has awesome exercises, mindsets and new practices you can put into use immediately to discern and redefine your edges and ask for what you want with confidence, clarity and composure. One of the best components of this is learning how to create your own safety so that you can confidently enter and exit situations with grace and courage.

Radical Self-Care

As empaths self-care is critical! It is easy for us to put everyone else first, over-give, and completely deplete ourselves, but we cannot help humanity raise its vibration when we’re exhausted! Rumi says "Never give from the depths of your well, but from your overflow." Here we work on shifting your self-care paradigm by introducing new mindsets and creating new habits to reclaim your life force energy for you.

Making Empowered Choices

As an empath, your decision-making process needs to flow a little differently than the average person. You’ll gain valuable insights into your own process and learn priceless new mindsets to give you the confidence and clarity to make empowered decisions.

Becoming A Fully Embodied Human Being

For us to accomplish our mission as empathic emissaries, we have to be in our bodies. I will help you tune into your level of embodiment and give you tools and practices for consciously inhabiting yourself from top to bottom. From this place you can apply your full life force energy to all of your endeavors and show up in your entire brilliance. Embodiment is a journey and not a simple matter of flipping a switch, so the right mindsets will help you apply embodiment principles with grace.

Recognizing And Developing Your Gifts

For many of us, our empathic gifts have been a double-edged sword because we don’t know how to turn them off, manage them, or use them to our advantage. In this module you learn what your gifts are and how to develop and maximize them to your greatest advantage, no matter how that ends up out-picturing in your life (big or small, local or global, private or public).

Creating A Solid Self-Image

As an empath, most of us create our self-image (and therefore our desires, habits, and values) based on what everyone else wants us to be. I’ll take you through several elegant exercises to help you reveal who YOU are and what YOUR values are independent of the influences of those around you. Plus I’ll give you techniques so you can quickly and effortlessly find your way back to your center when circumstances pull you out of balance.

In Addition, You Will Receive Two Bonus Sessions!


The mind is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master.

                                     ~Robin Sharma

Bonus Session #1

You Put Your Left Brain In, You Take Your Left Brian Out, You Put Your Right Brain In & You Shake It All About

(Or: Walking In Balance With Your Inner Masculine and Feminine)

This content is AWESOME (and I promise it won’t be a boring, dry neuro-anatomy lesson!) It is said the longest distance we will ever travel is the journey from our head to our heart. Western society is highly programmed to be a left-brain (masculine) dominant society. But as empaths, many of our gifts originate in the right brain (feminine.) This video will give you an in-depth exploration of the qualities of the left and right brain (masculine/feminine, head/heart) so you can understand and apply a balanced relationship with the masculine and feminine principles in your daily life.

Bonus Session #2

Our Place In The Great Year

(Or: Why Do I Always Have a Headache?)

Just as day and night are caused by the earth spinning on its axis, and the seasons are caused by the earth's orbit around the sun, many ancient cultures also believed in a much larger cycle of time that explained the rise and fall of civilizations, as well as the rise and fall of human consciousness. This grand cycle of time is referred to as the Great Year.

In this video, you'll learn how the Great Year is directly related to the current cycle of ascension that we are in, which has aligned the cosmic tumblers for the empathic "big bang" and your presence on this planet! 

In this program you will receive...

Twelve (12) 90-minute private coaching sessions with Stephanie

(Twelve) 12 video recordings of sessions with Stephanie

Two pre-recorded video bonus sessions (Walking in Balance With Your Inner Masculine and Feminine and Our Place in the Great Year)

Handouts, exercises, guided meditations, journaling questions and home-play activites

Personalized assignments and activities designed for your specific life circumstances

A seasoned coach with a huge toolbox and personal experience walking in your shoes

Five flexible built-in breaks from the weekly schedule so you have time to integrate and focus on your assignments and energy practices

Space holding for the entire four-month period; a sacred container of support as you move through your transformation

"Unscripted" time through the program for personalized coaching tailored to your needs and challenges

'Understanding Myself Better'

"Learning about the traits of an empath helped me to understand myself better and also explained for me some of my ways of being and why I am the way I am. I also appreciate having tools to help me set boundaries and take better care of myself."

~ Susan Warner

Reiki Master

'Monumental 'Ahh' Moment'

"The class was one of those monumental ahh moments when I realized I was perfectly normal for an empath. That I could embrace my behavioral nature with respect and work with it instead of fighting it. It has shifted the way I look at myself and my past in a beautiful way."

~ Sabrina Largen

Kansas City International Airport Environmental Manager

'I recently returned to the stage'

I had given up giving of my favorite gift because the world of classical ballet was too emotionally painful.  The tools Stephanie shares I am confident are why I am using my personal power to create my life the way I wish it to be.  I recently returned to the stage. I now feel blessed and calm instead of stressed and ravaged.

~ Allyson Ashley
Ballet Dancer

My dear sensitive soul, you are here because you are supposed to be. No step on your path has been a mistake. Everything has prepared you for this moment. You are an evolutionary empath, here to help evolve humanity to the next level of consciousness. I can help you step into your sovereignty as an empathic emissary. 

If you're ready to own your mission as an evolutionary empath and stop playing small, click below to enroll in the Embrace Your Empath 17-week private coaching program...


My preferred method of connecting is Zoom. (Skype is also a possibility if needed.) Once I receive payment, I will contact you to schedule our first session. Please expect a one- to three-week delay based on my current client load.

Program Schedule


This program consists of twelve 90-minute sessions conducted over a 17-week period, plus two bonus videos. Five breaks are woven in to give you time to practice new skills and integrate. (Schedule can be tailored to fit your needs.)


Week #1: Kickoff session

Week #2: Session

Week #3: Break

Week #4: Session

Week #5: Session

Week #6: Break

Week #7: Session

Week #8: Session

Week #9: Break

Week #10: Session

Week #11: Session

Week #12:Break

Week #13: Session

Week #14: Session

Week #15: Break

Week #16: Session

Week #17: Completion session

Are you ready to draw clear and powerful boundaries, significantly boost your self-confidence, expertly manage your energy field, learn how to give yourself radical self-care, and make empowered decisions grounded in a strong sense of self, and embrace your cosmic mission as a carrier of the new human blueprint?


Your inner empath is waiting to be embraced! Enroll now for 17 weeks of one-on-one personalized facilitation!

Enroll Now!

Please note: this program goes on sabbatical as of April 1, 2019. I don't know when I'll be bringing it back, so if you've been wanting private facilitation, now is the time act!

One payment of:


For a limited time:


Five payments of:


For a limited time:


Enroll Now!

Please note: this program goes on sabbatical as of April 1, 2019. I don't know when I'll be bringing it back, so if you've been wanting private facilitation, now is the time act!

One payment of:


Through March 31:


Five payments of:


Through March 31:


Your inner empath is waiting to be embraced! Enroll now for 17 weeks of one-on-one personalized facilitation!
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