Find Your NO

A 3-part series on creating rock-solid boundaries


This program is offered online 2-3 times a year. Stay tuned for the next start date. If you're interested, please contact me so I can add you to the wait list.

My fellow sensitive soul…

  • In your process of developing good boundaries, do you feel like there are holes in your understanding?

  • Is your boundary-drawing inconsistent – easy one day, impossible the next?

  • Is it hard for you to hear yourself amongst everyone else’s needs and expectations?

  • Is it easier to throw up walls than to do the tougher work of being present with yourself?

  • Do you build up your resolve, but then choke when it comes time to speak?

  • Do you draw a boundary and then wonder why everyone ignores it?

If even one or two of these statements resonate with you, then I invite you to join me for a 3-part boundary “boot-camp” series starting March 5.

Especially as empaths, boundaries are a challenge because it is much easier and more natural for us to blend and merge with other people. It is much more difficult to distinguish where we end and the next person begins. Lack of boundaries can contribute to codependent relationships, feeling like a victim, being a doormat, low self-esteem, taking on everyone else’s emotions and problems, and having little to no sense of self.

In this 3-week program, we’ll look at boundaries through two different approaches. One aspect of boundaries includes establishing and maintaining your own personal sovereign energy container and learning the skills and tools to keep it clear and intact. The other aspect is from the psycho-emotional perspective of saying no (in all its forms), asking for what you need, and managing the intricacies involved in drawing a boundary with another human.

In our 3 classes together, you’ll learn:

  • Why walls are not the same as boundaries and how walls get erected in the first place

  • How to identify when you get triggered, and tools to stay present so you can consciously draw a boundary based in present-time circumstances

  • The critical importance of grounding and how that affects your ability to draw, and hold, a boundary

  • The 3 types of no

  • Lots of scripts to give you examples of what you can say in different circumstances

  • How to prepare yourself for difficult conversations

  • What’s happening at an energetic level when you draw a boundary

  • How and when to apply consequences as a part of your boundary drawing

  • Practical visualizations and exercises to help you distinguish what is and is not yours, how to identify your own truth, and how to re-center yourself when you're thrown off balance

  • Energy hygiene practices to tend to your sovereign energy field and keep it free of other people’s opinions, expectations and influence

Plus you’ll receive a bonus recording where I talk all about energy leaks! This recording includes defining the two different kinds of leaks, plenty of examples to compare to your own behaviors, and remedies for each type of leak.

Good boundaries are an evolving process. A journey, not a destination. No matter your level of adeptness, there is always more to learn and refine (Isn’t that true of everything? :).

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Here are all the class details…


Class dates and times:

Friday, March 5 – Wall Does Not Equal Boundary

Friday, March 12 – Find Your Authentic No

Friday, March 19 – Energy Practices to Hear Your Truth

All class times are 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. CST.

Don’t worry if you can’t make it live! All classes will be presented and recorded through Zoom. You'll receive the Zoom link and further instructions after you register.

The class fee for this 3-part series is $99.00.

Are you ready to speak your truth from a place of being centered, grounded and solid? To engage in challenging conversations with more grace and confidence? To finally discern what it is you want? To have mastery over you personal energy field?

Register now and find your no!

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