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Life Codes for Thriving as a Sensitive Soul

A 4-month program dedicated to restoring empaths to their wholeness and brilliance

Dear Sensitive Soul,


You know you're different, don't you?


You've always suspected you were more sensitive than everyone else around you. You don't process emotions, stimulus or experiences like others. You're in tune with things that other people can't see, feel or sense. You probably are aware that you're here for a grander purpose, but may not fully know what it is, or have only seen glimpses.​

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  • Do you ever wish you could ‘grow thicker skin’ because living in the world just hurts too much?

  • As long as we’re talking about wishes how about this one...the wish to be able to help others (because you feel their pain so deeply).

  • The wish to walk through the world without feeling anxious, exhausted, irritable, overwhelmed and emotional so you can use your energy to effect positive change.

  • The wish to let go of fear and other people's judgments of "what's wrong with you" and how you "should" be.

  • The wish to boldly step forward, make decisions from your own center, and love yourself deeply.

  • The wish to satisfy the longing in your soul that tells you you're unique for a reason and on this planet for a bigger purpose.

My fellow empath, you are not alone.

And despite what you might have been told there is nothing wrong with you. You have a gift, but it comes with a set of challenges to master.


And it won't take a genie to grant you these wishes, either. You'll just need someone who's walked that path and knows how to help you navigate the trail.

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​When you learn how to ground yourself, live from your authentic center, set healthy boundaries, and move through the world with confidence, taking ownership of all aspects of your physical and energetic selves - that’s when you’ll be able to wield your power for good and make those wishes a reality.

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Empaths are people highly sensitive to their environment, and especially the emotions of others, often without realizing it. They have big hearts and are able to plug into the subtle energetic grid of pretty much every life force around them, from family to animals to angels to the earth herself.


Wherever you are in your understanding of what it is to be an empath, I imagine you had to fight hard to find the tools and skills you needed to accept your uniqueness and be able to function on any kind of "normal" level. Compassion and support from others were probably even harder to come by. Let's face it...most of us didn't have parents, teachers or mentors who recognized our special abilities or knew how to guide us. Let alone bosses or lovers who understood us.

These empathic traits are aptitudes you’re born with, but most empaths learn to hide their empathic nature, develop wicked coping skills, put on a mask to look ‘normal,’ and silently suffer from the unhealthy aspects of their empathic abilities. Our extra-extra sensory skills are often forged in the fires of judgment, confusion, misconception and isolation.

Before your system knows how to handle the extra input, you can run into trouble like:​

  • Difficulty determining where you end and the next person begins; losing yourself in relationships

  • Taking on other people’s emotions and habits, without being aware you’ve done it

  • Over-giving, over-delivering, putting everyone else’s needs before your own

  • Trouble drawing healthy boundaries or saying ‘no’

  • Feeling fragile, moody or unstable

  • Struggling with your sense of self-identity (it feels easier to be what others want you to be)

  • Feeling *everything* other people’s ‘bad days’ become yours, you take on everyone else’s burdens


Sound familiar?

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'Better Understanding of Myself'

"Stephanie's Empath Elevation Protocol has helped me understand why I felt so depleted after being in a crowd or when I spent time with certain people in my life.  The class content and tools are extremely insightful and practical, and Stephanie’s teachings and leadership have helped me to have a better understanding of myself and my relationships with others."  

~ Shanda Keirsey, retired

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Empath, you are meant for something greater


Sometimes it might feel like this ‘gift’ is a liability, a problem we have to overcome, but it’s really a powerful aid to do our sacred work in the world.

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I believe empaths have a greater purpose: to contribute to the evolution of humanity, ushering in the next phase of human expansion...heart-centered consciousness.


As an empath, you possess a refined energetic system designed to anchor the new human blueprint into the earth's grid. Empaths are uniquely constructed to hold this vibrational frequency and act as way-showers of expanding consciousness. 

Whatever your profession or ambition - no matter how grand or modest - your contribution makes a difference. The world is affected simply by you being here. Imagine how much that contribution could be amplified (as well as your fulfillment and joy!) by consciously embracing your empathic nature and wielding a formidable tool box.


Now more than ever, this planet needs the healing magic of divine feminine energy. The feminine archetype includes the traits of intuition, compassion, sensitivity, cooperation, gentleness, collaboration, nurturing, wisdom and grace. As empaths, we have these traits in spades!

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But we can’t harness our power if we’re consumed by the unhealthy aspects of these same qualities - codependence, over-giving, struggling with boundaries, losing our sense of self, pretending to feel ‘fine,’ and feeling depleted.


Most of us need to be shown how to draw clear boundaries, create a solid self-image, take time for nourishing self-care, validate our own self-worth, and manage our sensitive energy fields in order to fully express these gifts in a healthy way and step into our larger mission. (I know I sure did!)


That is the purpose of this four-month program!

The Empath Elevation Protocol is designed to help empaths...

  • Fortify your energy field and clear yourself of energies that aren't yours

  • Identify what is and is not yours, so you can more effectively use your intuition to navigate relationships with smoother sailing

  • Manage your emotions in healthy, positive ways

  • Be clear and powerful in your ability to say no and draw healthy boundaries

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  • Trust your intuition and use *your* emotions as your guide

  • Make empowered decisions grounded in a strong sense of self

  • Claim your inner authority and personal sovereignty, and learn to be self-referencing

  • Practice self-care without guilt, and without sacrificing the loving, generous person you are

  • Load up with practices, tools, visualizations, guided processes and systems to help you masterfully manage your energy needs from a to z

  • Learn to live fully inhabiting your body instead of being disembodied or ungrounded

  • Boost your self-confidence and self-love, and stop playing small

  • Embrace your role as a way-shower in humanity’s journey of ascension

We will connect to the morphic field of the evolutionary empath to help you draw strength, embrace your purpose, & align with your true nature.

'A Leader In This Evolving Industry'

I I feel this material is a must have for anyone in the alternative healthcare business! Stephanie addresses our unique energetic challenges as light workers with fun, honor and dignity. Her insights of Spirit and business savvy distinguish her as a leader in this evolving industry.

~ Julie D'Auteuil

Wellness Advocate and Officiant


'More Love, Happiness and Success'

“Being an empathic person, going through life feeling everyone else’s feelings and emotions, creates many unique challenges. I have learned to more effectively interact with outside influences and other people in my life in a more constructive, productive and healthy way. Stephanie helped me to open my heart and dig deep into my own mind to be able to manifest more love, more happiness and success in every area of my life. Working with Stephanie is one of the best gifts I’ve ever given myself!”

~ Lorna Hooper

Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer


The Empath Elevation Protocol

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This program is designed to be practical, giving you real-world tools, perspectives and practices you can begin to apply immediately. It is vital for empaths to move from a place of merely surviving to a life of unabashed thriving! And for that, we need to get into the nitty gritty of some life skills that your parents and teachers probably didn't teach you.

Yet at the same time, this program has a spiritual acknowledgement that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. To help hold the energetic container of this sacred work, we'll be calling upon our guides and helpers, our higher selves, our star relatives, and the immensity of the unseen realms to assist us - the "magic factor" I like to think of it as. While this program is practical, it is also part mystery school. What's the mystery? You! We are all our own mystery school. So this program also acknowledges your individuality, your soul contracts, and your personal journey, all of which are held as deeply sacred.

What can you expect as a result of this program? A happier, healthier, balanced and grounded you who is…

  • More confident

  • Clear in your boundaries

  • Connected to your cosmic mission

  • Anchored in a strong sense of self

  • Adept at communicating your needs

  • Present in your body and connected to your feelings

  • Wickedly fastidious with your self-care & energy hygiene practices

  • Trusting of your own inner compass

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  • Dancing in conscious relationship with your masculine & feminine aspects

  • Ruling your queendom/kingdom from your own throne as the sovereign leader of your life

Why am I so sure that this program can make a real difference in your life? Because I used to be where you are now. I figured out how to thrive as an empath through trial and error (read: much gnashing of teeth and cussing at god) you get the benefit of my years of struggle. I have walked every step of what I will share with you in this program.

This program came to me in a moment of inspiration (more on that a little later). As I received the download of the program and it's content, eight modules started dropping in and the first letter of each word created a mnemonic: CHERUBIM!

It was divine inspiration for sure as these life codes for thriving as a sensitive soul came forward and arranged themselves into this protocol.

These are the modules I will personally coach you through:

(Energy) Container

Before learning how to adeptly manage your energy field, you need to first become intimately familiar with your own personal energy container. We'll talk about energy leaks, how to maintain the integrity of your edges, how to create protection, and how to strengthen your energetic container. We'll also discuss the conundrum of being a vast universal energy contained in a human body and how your edges serve you.

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(Energy) Hygiene

This is absolutely crucial to being able to thrive in the world as an empath. If we aren't careful, we'll take on the energies and emotions of everything around us. In this module we’ll discuss all kinds of simple, effective ways to build your daily energy hygiene practice, including managing your energy field, clearing yourself  (and your space) of life-draining energies, fortifying your edges, and reconnecting to your own navigation system.

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Elevate Your Frequency

As we collectively ascend in consciousness, we are also raising in vibration. There are external forces that affect our frequency (both positively and negatively) but there are many practices you can engage in to keep your frequency high which helps you stay out of despair, confusion, overwhelm, & sluggishness, and buoys you with greater joy, acceptance, peace and trust.

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Radical Self-Care

As empaths self-care is critical! It is easy for us to put everyone else first, over-give, and completely deplete ourselves, but we cannot help humanity raise its vibration when we’re exhausted! Rumi says "Never give from the depths of your well, but from your overflow." Here we work on shifting your self-care paradigm by introducing new mindsets, creating new habits to reclaim your life force energy for you, and releasing the old belief that service = sacrifice.

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Unity Between the Masculine & Feminine

Our empathic qualities peg the feminine side of the house - we are here to help anchor divine feminine energies on the planet. That's challenging to do in a culture that over-values the masculine archetype (patriarchy.) In this module you'll get intimately familiar with the masculine & feminine archetypes so you can establish a healthy inner relationship where both aspects walk in balance and conscious equal partnership, called the sacred marriage.

yin yang sun moon.jpg


This module has awesome exercises, mindsets and practices you can put into use immediately to discern and redefine your edges and ask for what you want with confidence, clarity and composure. You learn how to create your own safety, say no (even after saying yes), and hold  your new edge in the face of resistance. Boundaries are key for thriving as an empath and discerning where you end and the next person begins.


Inner Authority

As an empath, our superpower is to blend and merge with other people. Consequently we need practice to stay seated on our own throne and grounded in our own center (and to recognize when we've abandoned our throne!) Embracing your inner authority gives you access to self-validation, grounded empowerment, and the ability to listen to and trust your inner knowing. Most critically, it allows you to become self-referencing instead of other-referencing.

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For us to accomplish our mission as empathic emissaries, we have to be in our bodies. I will help you tune into your level of embodiment and give you tools and practices for consciously inhabiting yourself from top to bottom. From this place you can apply your full life force energy to all of your endeavors and show up in your entire brilliance. Embodiment is a journey and not a simple matter of flipping a switch, so the right mindsets will help you apply embodiment principles with grace.

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In Addition, You Will Receive Some Awesome Bonuses!

When you register for Empath Elevation Protocol, you'll also receive:

  • My Embodiment How-To Manual and Workbook

  • My deep-dive chakra clearing and embodiment meditation

  • A bonus session which includes teachings on the 5 energetic patterns we adopt as coping mechanisms when we are overwhelmed or triggered (enlightening stuff!)

  • One 45-minute private coaching session with me

  • A digital copy of an incantation from my oracle deck Empath Activation Cards (personally selected just for you - a beautiful graphic with the incantation printed)

  • A chance to receive a 2-hour Shamanic Astrology Life Intent reading (lottery style - one person will be a winner)

The Program 2024

Program Schedule

human chakra elevation.jpg

This program consists of eight modules conducted over approximately 19 weeks (~4 months).


We will meet weekly on Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. Central Daylight Time (US/Chicago). (Note: There will occasionally be a week off in between to honor holidays or prior obligations I have, and to give time to integrate and practice what you are learning.)

Each call will be 2 hours in length with a short break halfway through.

Sessions will be conducted over Zoom and all of the course materials will be housed in Ruzuku where you can access them at any time (you'll be given access and instructions for Ruzuku after you register.) And, we'll have a private Facebook group to share experiences, ask questions, and build community.

ALL CALLS WILL BE RECORDED! So don't worry if you have to miss a few, or if you live in a country where this happens to fall in the middle of the night. You can catch all of the replays as they will be available in your course materials.

Here is our call schedule:

Week #1 - June 5: Intro | Energy Container (Module 1)

Week #2 - June 12: Energy Container continued

Week #3 - June 19: Energy Hygiene (Module 2)

Week #4 - June 26: Energy Hygiene continued

Week #5 - July 3: Break

Week #6 - July 10: Elevate Your Frequency (Module 3)

Week #7 - July 17: Elevate Your Frequency continued

Week #8 - July 24: Radical Self-Care (Module 4)

Week #9 - July 31: Radical Self-Care continued

Week #10 - August 7: Unity Between Masculine & Feminine (Module 5)

Week #11 - August 14: Unity Between Masculine/Feminine continued

Week #12 - August 21: Break

Week #13 - August 28: Boundaries (Module 6)

Week #14 - September 4: Boundaries continued

Week #15 - September 11: Inner Authority (Module 7)

Week #16 - September 18: Inner Authority continued

Week #17 - September 25: Embodiment (Module 8)

Week #18 - October 2: Embodiment continued | Completion & Celebration

TBD: Bonus teaching on the 5 energy/personality patterns

How did the Empath Elevation Protocol come into being? 

One afternoon, while lying in savasana (corpse pose) after my yoga routine, this entire program downloaded into my consciousness in about 30 seconds. It wasn't even a blip on my radar before that! When I got up, I immediately grabbed a pen and paper to write down the structure and content I was being given. In less than 30 minutes I had the entire program (length, structure, modules, content) plotted out. Most definitely Divine inspiration!

One of the most exciting pieces is the mnemonic that formed out of the titles of each of the eight modules: CHERUBIM. I knew that the realm of the cherubim were asking to be overseers and contributors to the energy of this program.

Angel wing pair_edited.jpg

I'll be creating a grid to hold the energies of this program and all the participants. As each person registers, I will tune into your higher self and the guidance of my spiritual team to determine which direction to place you in on my altar (North, South, East, West based on the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition of Peru). It will be based on which energies are most aligned with your healing and growth and that will most support you during this process.


I'll have photo copies available in the course materials of each of the oracle cards for the ascended master and crystal associated with the direction in which you are placed so you can begin to work with those frequencies. These will be available once the course begins.

'Changed The Trajectory of My Life'

"Stephanie came into my life through her book, The Evolutionary Empath, which changed the trajectory of my life. I was a tumult of emotions (shocker) with a) the realization I wasn’t alone, and b) a library of tips and tools that I could use to accomplish my goals in inner growth. For months, I completely revamped my lifestyle to include her suggested daily practices that focus on clearing my energy, drawing boundaries, and grounding myself.

I’ve always known I want to help people, but I knew I had to help and heal myself first before understanding my place in the grand picture, and I was at a roadblock. I needed guidance and an outside perspective. I can whole-heartedly say my growth has accelerated, and then some! Her book is my textbook, and her sessions were my school. 


Stephanie is a wonderful healer, guide, teacher, and friend – her life is a gift to the masses. Thank you, Stephanie – because of you, I’m finding the clarity that I longed for.

~ Maggie Rossler

Office Manager

Maggie Rossler headshot.jpg

'Understanding Myself Better'

"Learning about the traits of an empath helped me to understand myself better and also explained for me some of my ways of being and why I am the way I am. I also appreciate having tools to help me set boundaries and take better care of myself."

~ Susan Warner

Reiki Master

Susan Warner.png

'Monumental 'Ahh' Moment'

"The class was one of those monumental ahh moments when I realized I was perfectly normal for an empath. That I could embrace my behavioral nature with respect and work with it instead of fighting it. It has shifted the way I look at myself and my past in a beautiful way."

~ Sabrina Largen

Kansas City International Airport Environmental Manager


My dear sensitive soul, you are here because you are supposed to be.


No step on your path has been a mistake. Everything has prepared you for this moment. You are an evolutionary empath, here to help humanity ascend to the next level in our evolution. This eight-step protocol will help you step into your sovereignty as an empathic emissary and way-shower of new human consciousness. 


Register for Empath Elevation Protocol
Take advantage of this early bird price through Friday May 24

One payment of:

Four payments of:

Are you ready to draw clear and powerful boundaries, significantly boost your self-confidence, expertly manage your energy field, learn how to give yourself radical self-care, make empowered decisions grounded in a strong sense of self, and embrace your cosmic mission as a carrier of the new human blueprint?


Register now to learn this spirit-guided protocol designed specifically to support empaths in embracing their power to live the fulfilling, whole and joyful life they deserve! 

With all my love,

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Your inner empath is waiting to be embraced! Enroll now for 4 months of personal facilitation!
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