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Life Codes for Thriving as a Sensitive Soul

Welcome to the Temple!

Thank you for enrolling in Empath Elevation Protocol! I'm so excited for the journey we will take together over the coming months.

Be watching your inbox for a confirmation email and instructional emails as we get closer to our first session on June 5.

Below are the important logistical pieces of information you'll need to know to help you prepare.

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Program Schedule

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This program consists of eight modules conducted over approximately 18 weeks (~4 months).


We will meet weekly on Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. Central Daylight Time (US/Chicago). (Note: There will occasionally be a week off in between to honor holidays or prior obligations I have, and to give time to integrate and practice what you are learning.)

Each call will be 2 hours in length with a short break halfway through.

Sessions will be conducted over Zoom and all of the course materials will be housed in Ruzuku where you can access them at any time (you'll be given access and instructions for Ruzuku after you register.) And, we'll have a private Facebook group to share experiences, ask questions, and build community.

Here is our call schedule:

Week #1 - June 5: Intro | Energy Container (Module 1)

Week #2 - June 12: Energy Container continued

Week #3 - June 19: Energy Hygiene (Module 2)

Week #4 - June 26: Energy Hygiene continued

Week #5 - July 3: Break

Week #6 - July 10: Elevate Your Frequency (Module 3)

Week #7 - July 17: Elevate Your Frequency continued

Week #8 - July 24: Radical Self-Care (Module 4)

Week #9 - July 31: Radical Self-Care continued

Week #10 - August 7: Unity Between Masculine & Feminine (Module 5)

Week #11 - August 14: Unity Between Masculine/Feminine continued

Week #12 - August 21: Break

Week #13 - August 28: Boundaries (Module 6)

Week #14 - September 4: Boundaries continued

Week #15 - September 11: Inner Authority (Module 7)

Week #16 - September 18: Inner Authority continued

Week #17 - September 25: Embodiment (Module 8)

Week #18 - October 2: Embodiment continued | Completion & Celebration

TBD: Bonus teaching on the 5 energy/personality patterns

Put these dates in your calendar now so you don't schedule over them!

Course Materials

Your course materials will be housed and accessible in a platform called Ruzuku. From your course home page you'll be able to download necessary handouts, and access any supplemental videos or other materials.

As we get closer to the start date on June 5, I'll send you instructions on how to access your course materials and navigate the platform.

Energetic/Spiritual Preparation

You may not realize it, but when you registered for Empath Elevation Protocol, you weren't just saying yes to a valuable program full of key teachings and tools, you were saying yes to something much bigger.

Consider that what drew you to this program was the deep inner knowing that it is time for the next level of your evolution! Time to embrace more fully your sensitivities and empathic gifts. Time to say yes to your heart's calling. Time to thrive at a higher level than you have ever experienced.

When we say yes to something this profound and resonant, it can often feel like we just got lit up. Like something inside of us got turned on, a switch got flipped. A little voice inside you might be getting louder. Your intuition might be giving you strong messages. There might be butterflies in your gut. Or just a sense that something is about to change.


It is.


Your heart called you forward and you listened. Yay you!


And, in the coming days and weeks you might experience something called "pre-processing." In linear time the start date of this program is still in the future. But in non-linear time, in the higher realms where past, present and future are all occurring simultaneously, your process has already begun. It began the moment you registered.

So I invite you between now and June 5 to pay attention to your dreams, listen to your intuition, look more closely at the signs and synchronicities that show up around you. Notice what gets triggered emotionally, what calls to you, what turns you off, what turns you on, what drains your energy, what feeds your energy. Be in good self-care. Don't over-obligate yourself. Take some time to journal, contemplate, meditate, reflect...what is it that your soul is calling you forward into?


And don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

I look forward to taking this sacred journey with you.

In love and service,

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