Downloadable PDF resource document with all of the major celestial events of 2021!

Do you like to work with full and new moons, eclipses, quarters, cross-quarters, and other significant celestial events for ceremonies, personal spiritual work, or timing your life or business events?

I have created a gorgeous (and info-packed!) 8-page document that lists ALL of the major celestial timings for 2021, including:

  • Full moons

  • New moons

  • Eclipses

  • Solstices and equinoxes

  • Cross-quarters

  • Mercury retrogrades

  • Meteor showers

  • Alternate names for each of the full moons

  • Greatest elongations of planets (when you can see planets best in the sky)

  • And more!

You don’t have to go digging around on the internet to find all this data…me (and my research assistant, Meredith) did all the work for you! All the information is laid out in this easy reference document which is beautiful to look at and designed to print and tack up on your bulletin board.

Here's a peek at what it looks like...

This 8-page document has the same striking celestial background on each page with elegant gold lettering. The information you'll reference most often is all on the first page - easy to see wherever you have it posted.

I’m charging a nominal fee to offset the cost of the time it took to gather all of this intensive data and arrange it into a usable format. This document will save you tons of time over the course of the year and put all the major celestial timings at your fingertips!

Purchase and download this valuable resource for just $7.99. You'll be so glad you saved yourself the time!

2021 Celestial Timings Reference Document (pdf)